If You Support Trump Policies, You Support Trump- OWN IT!!

I keep hearing people who claim to oppose Trump yet will support “Blue No Matter Who” (which I usually notate as Blew No Matter Who).

Understand this. You can NOT oppose Trump while supporting his policies. That is objecting to a name, not what the name literally stands for. The DNC, for the most part, are what I refer to as The Assistance. They vocalize opposition, then back his policies. Not openly. Not in speeches but in the bills they pass and actions they take.

The DNC has voted in larger percentage for a resolution to denounce BDS, which is your freedom of speech being condemned by your own government. They claim BDS opposes a two state solution. Yet BDS is a movement, not defined in this way. Know who opposes BDS? Trump.

While Dems claim fear Trump will start another war, they approved another military budget increase, now at $738 billion. Trump is happy.

Dems voted unanimously to extend AUMF powers, which actively enable Trump to wage not just the wars we are already in but create new ones.

Dems voted to extend mass surveillance powers for Trump.

In case you forgot or simply paid no attention, the Dems approved the tax cut for the rich, caved on DACA and handed Trump funding for his border wall.

With the latest round of border wall funding, Dems caved and made no demands for protections of immigrants.

Many Democratic voters have similar views on gun control to Conservative voters and Dem candidates are conspicuously silent on stricter gun legislation.

Dem candidates are either in favor of actions against Venezuela, at least in the form of sanctions resulting in thousands of deaths in the country. Military action against Venezuela will bring responses from Russia and China, who have invested tens of billions in the country. Voters may not know it but elected officials do.

While many say Trump is a Putin puppet, he has enacted the strongest sanctions against Russia since the Cold War ended while overseeing a massive military buildup on the Russian border. Our military is building bases in Syria against international law, where Russia is present to help Syria defeat ISIS.

Dems may vocalize opposition to Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal but are silent about his military threats and sanctions.

When Trump was speaking with North Korea, Dems opposed the suspension of war games on the NK border. They were only happy when war games resumed (at a cost of billions per year).

When Trump said he wanted to spend more money to upgrade nuclear weapons, did you hear any opposition from ANYONE in our government? Under the commitment set by Obama, we are already spending at least $130 BILLION a year, EVERY year to upgrade our arsenal of SIX THOUSAND, EIGHT HUNDRED nuclear weapons. That expense is not even included in our “defense” budget.

Have you heard a single word of criticism of Trump for increasing aggressive naval presence in the South China Sea?

Have you heard any “Resistance” to renegotiation of NAFTA? I haven’t.

So, the House passed a bill to increase the minimum wage to $15? Great. Now look at the timeline. It doesn’t reach the full $15 until 2025. By which time it will be irrelevant and still starvation wages. This is nothing but theatrics for election year. If Trump signs it, he gets credit. In fact, it leaves room for him to shorten that time frame.

This week, Democrats voted with Republicans to suspend the debt ceiling until July 2021. What does that mean? It means there is no longer any limit to federal spending until the target date. So, even if a Progressive manages to win office, the debt ceiling will be reimposed at that time. So if they try and pass Progressive legislation, chances are their hands will be tied. But Trump is happy.

Trump has stated he is considering declaring Antifa a terrorist organization. First, Antifa is a movement, not a group or organization. Second, their focus is in opposition to Nazism and fascism, hence the name which means Anti-fascism. Antifa is the ONLY movement directly opposing fascism in this country. Once again, this is YOUR freedom of speech if you oppose fascism/Nazism. Have you heard a word of opposition? Neutrality against fascism means surrender.

In the Russiagate debacle, corporate media began censoring pages and suspending or erasing entire accounts of those whom they deemed “Russian propaganda”. Mostly anti-war pages and pages revealing police misconduct. Even if it is done by corporations, censorship is censorship. Especially when done by corporations who work hand in hand with the government, even having contracts with the government. So once again this is your freedom of speech. Have you heard one word of opposition to this? In fact, I have heard many who claim to be on the left (sic) voice support for censorship.

More and more states are enacting laws which make protests illegal, especially against oil/gas/coal companies. Protesters have been arrested while seeking an audience with elected officials. To include disabled people. Ray McGovern, a military veteran and highly awarded CIA intelligence analyst, has been arrested twice, both times violently, for protesting SoS Hillary Clinton and then later current CIA director Gina Haspel. Not only have Democrats not spoken against these obliterations of your freedom of speech, they have endorsed these things almost 100%.

Have you heard any Democrats oppose Trump regarding the arrest of Julian Assange? I don’t GAF what you think of him, he is a journalist who revealed the truth over and over again. The Democrats also never spoke out against Obama’s war on whistle blowers like Manning and Assange. So, that is a direct attack on the freedom of the press and your right to hear the truth.

For the record, no, the charges against Assange and Manning have nothing to do with the leak of DNC emails. No, that cannot be considered espionage. The DNC is a PRIVATE organization, NOT a government agency. Most people don’t even know that, even though the DNC used it as a defense in court when they said they are under no obligation to provide a fair primary, even though primaries are paid for by your taxes.

This is a short list but should offer a good example. You people who think that voting Democrat means some form of opposition to anything but Trump’s name are delusional. If you support the people who enable and empower Trump, then YOU support Trump. It’s time to fucking OWN IT. No more whining, no more crying, no more asking how Trump gets away with shit. You want to know how that happens? Look in the mirror.

Or maybe you want to blame Russia?

Two Questions For Gun Rights Advocates

Another mass shooting. Honestly, the immediate details don’t matter in the scope of this article. I will intentionally leave that out so this article will remain relevant for the next mass shooting. And the next. And the next. And the next.

Also in the news, a child shot, caught in the crossfire of a shooting her family had no part in. Imagine that was your child.

And the next shooting. And the next. And the next.

So, I have a couple of questions for gun rights advocates. Or should I say gun nuts?

The US has the highest rate of violent deaths, mostly by firearms, of any nation not at war. We also have the highest number of firearms of any nation on earth not at war.

I am well associated with the standard, memorized, regurgitated, knee-jerk, paranoid, emotional, mindless replies I expect to get.

What if the government tries to.. take over the country?!!! Yeah, because that’s not a thing?

What if they try and herd us all into camps?!!! We have children in cages right this minute. Millions of immigrants being rounded up and incarcerated. Should all of them pick up guns to protect themselves? We have the largest prison population of any country on earth, at any time in history. Police documented shooting unarmed civilians. People dying in police custody both with and without medical histories to explain it. Police caught on video planting evidence and falsifying documents. You think we’re not being herded into camps?

What if they try and kill us? See the above, then think- Our average life expectancy is probably the lowest of industrialized nations and getting shorter each year. Over 40,000 people die from lack of medical care each year. We have no numbers for how many die of exposure due to homelessness. Children going hungry. Threats of taking children away from parents because the parents are poor. BTW, if that happens, YOU get to pay for it. A LOT more than paying for feeding those children. More poison dumped in the water by the hour. Suicide rate increasing by the day. Yes, climate change is real.

So, you can stop acting like you’re Stallone or Willis going to save the day from tyranny. That fucking ship sailed long ago, hero.

So, here are the questions. If you care to try and respond, keep the relies specific to the questions. I do not want your swallowed and vomited propaganda about the second amendment. Owning other human beings was once a right too.

First, if countries that have fewer firearms have fewer violent deaths, why is that?

Second, firearms outnumber human beings in the US. So, how many guns would it take for us to be safe from the threat that guns create? Give me a number. Should every person, man, woman and child be armed at all times? How many guns per person will it take?

I absolutely know that the responses that oppose me will be the same old shit and include absolutely no reply to the questions posed. It will all be hate, anger, second amendment and hypothetical garbage not fit for mental consumption. Mostly by people who never read the article at all. Go on, do your worst and prove me right.

No, I am not a rabid anti-gun activist. I am a veteran and own weapons. I am also well trained and accurate in their use. Yet if guns were outlawed tomorrow, I would shed no tears. Yes, I will get hate speech for that too. Take your meds, please.

The Case For Nationalizing The Military Industrial Complex

I’ve written before that the claim is false that weapons contractors creating jobs is false. Even in the rare instances that there is any truth to it, to maintain those jobs is entirely dependent on the perpetuation of our current wars. To expand and create more jobs would require waging more wars.

Many Americans still hold by the mantra that we have the greatest military on earth. That our military technology is virtually miraculous. In any case, they think our military can defeat any opponent in existence and do so in short order.

The same people are oblivious to the fact that we have been in Afghanistan for 18 years. In Iraq for 16 years. In addition, we are directly bombing, assisting in bombing or selling weapons to other countries who are bombing 5 more countries- Syria, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan and Yemen. We also fund a significant portion of the Israeli attacks on Palestine.

In the cases where we are selling weapons, those sales may pose a profit for military contractors but it comes at a LOSS to US taxpayers. Consider the fact that the US gives $90 billion every single year to other countries. Most of those countries use a portion of that money to buy weapons from US contractors. We also buy oil from Saudi Arabia, providing profits for them to wage war on Yemen and fund terrorists in other countries. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel have been on record assisting ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Did you realize that when military contractors sell weapons to other countries, those weapons are transported by or under escort of US military ships? The companies and purchasing countries are not billed for this security, YOU are. THIS is a corporate subsidy.

Military contractors spend billions each year on lobbying, campaign “donations” and advertising on corporate media. This alone should be illegal by any account. Their profits come from taxpayer dollars and should never be allowed to be spent to influence opinions of the public or elected officials.

When corporate media has “experts” speaking about international conflicts, over 90% of the time the “experts” and guests have direct ties to military contractors. The result is propaganda and sales pitches by MIC contractors being presented as “news”. Have you noted they do not host diplomats, who would be the logical choice for the subject? When was the last time a corporate media source interviewed Jimmy Carter?

Here is a list of companies you may or may not have known are military contractors- Boeing, Ford, General Dynamics, GM, GE, CAT, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Heinz, Tabasco, Lockheed, McKesson, Humana, United Health Group, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Merck, Cardinal Health, Pfizer, Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon, Fedex, Valero Energy, AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Berkshire Hathaway, Rolls Royce, Express Scripts Holding, Bank of America, Burger King, Coca Cola, Tyson Foods, Walgreens, Citi Bank, the NFL…

Of course, this is a small fraction of the list of military contractors. Is this changing your view yet of all the patriotic and heartwarming “Support Our Troops” advertising?

The point I am making is not that all these companies should be nationalized. Just making the point that they all make significant amounts through government contracts and some portion of those profits funded by taxpayers and government debt are used on advertising. We could go even further by nationalizing any oil processing which is required by the military.

However, by nationalizing weapons contractors, we would end the practice of those weapons contractors having a voice in elections and what is presented as “news”. By removing corporate profits from the equation, military conflict would then be seen as what it truly is- a drain on resources that offer virtually no benefit to society in any form. By removing the commentary of those who gain from warfare, we have a much greater likelihood of war being portrayed as the horror that it truly is rather than some patriotic, heroic, profitable endeavor which creates more enemies than it could ever possibly nullify.

Yes, I know some will still claim that the weapons industry creates jobs. Okay, so if weapons manufacturing were nationalized, would thet create fewer jobs? No, same amount. Which would likely pay more and have better benefits.

Know what else creates jobs? Schools, highway construction/repair and medical care. Plus the fact that those would create jobs and incomes in all communities, reduce costs for real life needs and provide needed services to the PEOPLE of this country.

In short, the real enemy we face is unbridled capitalism. That is what created any enemies we now have in other countries. It is what has resulted in overthrow of governments, multiple refugee crises in the Middle East and South America, tens of millions of deaths, millions with PTSD, hundreds of thousands of suicides, children growing up with damaged or dead parents and trillions in debt while society has nothing positive to show for it. Only the rich benefit from the current system.

The Path To World Peace Is In The Collapse of The US Economy

The surest path to world peace lies in the collapse of the US economy.

I know, many people do not want to hear this. Many will vehemently deny it. I already expect personal attacks and “America, love it or leave it” responses by people who will not even read this far. They won’t go any further than the title. That doesn’t change the truth.

Of course, there will be the QAnon/Trump devotees who will claim that this is all part of the plan. There’s no need to dignify such ignorance with a response.

Am I saying that if/when this occurs that there would be absolutely no armed conflicts anywhere on the planet? No, I’m sure there would be. However, the duration and scale would be decreased dramatically.

Think back, look back at world history since WWII. Can you name an armed conflict, any armed conflict in which the US was not involved as a major influence? Anywhere? Even if you can, place it in perspective of all the conflicts in which we have been involved. Look at every single potential for armed conflict right now and name one which we are not actively inciting that conflict to elevate further.

Our military budget was just increased again, by $22 billion to an official $738 billion. As I’ve written before, that does not include funding for the VA, upgrading nukes, NSA, CIA or FBI. When you add those to the military budget, we spend more on “defense” than every other country on earth, combined.

This all comes as our economy is retracting and our national debt accounts for over 1/3 of all global national debt. China has surpassed the US as the largest consumer economy, greatest number of Fortune 500 companies and a higher number of top ten global banks.

How many armed conflicts is China involved in as a major player? None.

Many Americans are oblivious to the fact that we are currently bombing 7 countries and have been for years. They can name two countries we are bombing at most. We drop at least 121 bombs a day at an average cost of $80,000 each.

This week it made the news that the House of Representatives have asked the military to account for how many foreign military bases the US has and justify the need for that many. However, that doesn’t mean much when they do this after handing the military an increased budget and we spend $130 billion a year, every year, on upgrading nuclear weapons. That’s not even included in the military budget. How about they ask why we need so many nuclear weapons? Wouldn’t 50 be enough? Or 20? Why the hell do we have 6800?!!!! (Personally I think they should be eradicated completely.)

The obvious problem with wars has to do with the fact that they cost money. Lots of money. Sure, a limited number of people make profits from warfare but the money still has to come from somewhere. Right now, the US is printing money wildly, which dilutes the value of each dollar in circulation. Right now, we have a trade deficit with nearly every country we trade with. Right now, we owe money to many countries through US Treasury bonds. Right now, the value of the dollar is propped up by the petrodollar system.

Right now other countries are selling off US Treasury bonds. Right now China has stopped buying oil from us and has decreased purchases of major crops. Right now, other countries are having economic issues which preclude buying US Treasuries. Right now numerous countries have started buying gold because they find the dollar too insecure. Right now the petrodollar system is collapsing as country after country is trading oil in other currencies, largely in Chinese yuan. Right now one country after another is turning away from buying weapons which leave them dependent on the US. They are opting for Russian and Chinese arms which cost less yet perform far better than ours.

So the question becomes how the US can afford to fund another war, or even the ones we are currently in? How long can this continue before the dollar is devalued and we see double to triple digit inflation?

The bigger question is, who is going to loan us money to wage more wars when they don’t trust us to pay them back what we already owe? Who is going to loan us money when we are threatening basically every country in existence with either war or economic sanctions? Is it likely they will loan us money they don’t trust will be repaid just so we don’t attack them in some way? Or is it more likely they will band together to defend themselves from us?

One economist after another is expecting a recession in the near future. Other, more realistic economists who are not tied to WAR Street say that we are already in a recession and have been for some time. Some state that we have never recovered from the 2008 recession and for many this is true. Wages have never recovered for sure. If wages don’t recover, there is no way that the general economy does. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Many try and downplay how bad the next recession or stage of the current recession will be. I am expecting the worst recession in US history because of the combination of influences.

Ultimately what we can expect is that the economy will falter. This will finally lead to the absolute necessity to rein in military spending. As the US curtails military aggression and arming/funding proxy wars, we will see peace slowly return, along with diplomacy to many countries and regions that have not known these things for many years. There is no doubt that our warmongers will attempt to incite more conflict along the way but be rebuffed and rejected by nations seeking a different path forward.

In the short term, none of this will be good news for the domestic US. The oligarchs will try and continue the same processes, followed by trying to strip the country bare for their own greed. In the long run, we will change as a country. We will see peace, see that we do not need to spend our money or sacrifice military lives to achieve that peace. Some will claim we helped bring that peace into being. Those are the dangerous ones whom we must educate, that the militarism was never necessary. Keep them out of power, remove them from the media.

The economy will recover over time but not for a long while. By the time it does, we will have found a dedication to build rather than destroy, to lean on one another and to demand a government that supports people over the profits of the rich.

It’s not going to be easy but this is the future our country has created. We have to deal with it.

Democracy In The Workplace

I give credit where credit is due. This article is inspired by Dr Richard Wolff, who runs the YT channel, “Democracy At Work”. If you do not follow Dr Wolff, you really should. Dr Wolff is a highly experienced professor and explains several things in this video, which you may want to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOqqRD1t47Y

That said, no, this article is not a review of that video. I prefer making my own statements but give credit to my inspirations, be it a conversation with my girlfriend or a more known source like Dr Wolff.

Americans like to think we have democracy. Yet at work, we surrender to hierarchic structures where we simply follow dictates handed down by business and corporate demands. Those demands consistently benefit the business and corporate entities far more than it benefits the workers.

We are told by employers to refrain from discussing politics at work. The rationale promoted being that it causes stress and division. That statement is demonstrably false.

The slave mind. I do agree that some people take things personally which they should not. Why? Because our society has been (as I have written about extensively) indoctrinated into a slave culture mindset addicted to entertainment and chained to celebrity over substance.

The slave mind is promoted by two factions- the slave owners/masters and the slaves too fearful to oppose the owners/masters. The latter will adamantly and even violently defend their own slavery. These are the workers who are “brown nosers”, the ones least trusted by coworkers because what you say in their presence will make it up the chain, even if your words were completely benign. These are people that have an innate need to be led, that need an authority figure to dictate to them. These are people who will remain in an abusive relationship or environment or even thrive on it. They are motivated by instilling fear, division and drama or literal addiction to the same things and their own submission.

Indoctrination. This subservient mindset is embedded in our consciousness from childhood via religion and public education. By the time we enter the workplace, we are fully surrendered to faithfully defend the slave masters, to think that our labor, our thoughts, our very existence should be dedicated to the well-being of our employers, elected officials, judicial system and military worship, even when it is contradictory to our own best interests and that of the economy, society, the environment and the planet at large.

Democratic work space. Have you ever worked in a workplace where laborers have open communication and are allowed to voice ideas for improvement which are taken seriously? I have on several occasions. What happened was that there was greater cohesion, greater productivity, more efficiency, less theft and better morale. People felt like their ideas were heard, even if voted down by a democratic majority or rejected for practical reasons. They felt like they contributed. They felt rightly that they were cared about by their own coworkers.

Democratic leadership. In this environment, fostered by leaders who promoted it, I was able to criticize that leader (usually privately). It did result in some pretty strong arguments yet, in the end, we respected each other. There were no repercussions. I was not written up, did not have my income reduced, was not terminated. I respected them more because I was able to voice my opinions and thoughts, even when they ran contrary to instructions from above or the most popular view. They respected me because they knew they could trust me.

Hurt feelings. Think employers worry about your hurt feelings when they tell you that your family comes second to the job? That your cost of benefits are increasing? That your hours are being cut? That someone less qualified (but more subservient) is being promoted or even hired in over you or given a position you applied for? It’s not feelings that matter. Have you ever noticed that cohesion and motivation have been replaced by “professionalism” and productivity? In other words, shut up, follow orders, get along with fellow slaves and do your job or suffer the consequences. Sound familiar? How do feelings count in that environment?

Recent changes. Can anyone recall not so long ago when tech startups were a big thing? Many startups had environments and meetings where workers were allowed and often encouraged to voice ideas for improvements and tactics. That attitude spread beyond tech startups into other industries as well. Companies expanded benefits and changed environments to become more inclusive. That didn’t last long. What happened was that workers began demanding more benefits, recognition and compensation for their contributions. Some claim that this led to the tech bubble bursting but that’s not true. The tech bubble burst because of numerous startups that never produced anything and never had a cohesive concept to begin with, so they never should have been funded by anyone. Many were nothing but con artists. The demand for more compensation and recognition was frowned upon by capitalist investors who bought out smaller companies. Reduction of compensation and benefits was enforced by executives who were given stock options tied to stock price. We went through years of cutting salaries and benefits to reduce costs to support profit margins as executive salaries skyrocketed and executive stock packages grew ever larger. Today, profits are completely unrelated to company profits while stock holders get richer by artificially inflating stock prices. There is no need to consider worker needs other than public image.

Long term changes. Before tech startups, we had another structure which defended our interests and where our voices were once heard. Unions.Unions brought us the 40 hour work week, overtime pay, child labor laws, worker safety regulations, worker health insurance, worker retirement accounts, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance and a lot more. These things were achieved through communication and mass movements, strikes and protests. Yet over time since Reagan, unions have lost cohesion due to internal corruption at the top and weakened through “Right To Work” legislation pushed through by corporate bribes in the form of lobbying and campaign “donations” to elected officials.

Competition over cooperation. The modern business environment, social environment and even educational environment encourages competition. Who decides the winners? Most commonly authority figures who profit in some way by the results of a competition. Cooperation is encouraged only when it involves one team competing against another. The division is constant and cooperation which would benefit all members of all teams equally is not only discouraged but my be grounds for elimination of/from a team. School students are graded on a curve rather than as a group. Workers are pitted against coworkers, businesses are pitted against other businesses in the same industry. Singers are judged individually and not allowed to sing as a group/choir unless authorized or ordered. Seniority and productivity earn you a mass produced pin on your uniform or a computer generated and printed award to hang on your wall. There must always be an “other”, an opponent, an enemy that must be “beaten” so “we” can “win”.

Disclaimer: This is not making a statement against competition or striving to do better. I am making a statement against this being a mindset in a way of life that we accept as a constant. Personally, I can be brutally competitive when debating things that involve human lives. I can also be very seriously competitive in games but remain polite.

The real fear of capitalists. When workers discuss politics, it will invariably lead to economics and working conditions. Or vice versa. This is unacceptable to capitalists. In many tech startups mentioned above, those who made major contributions at first gained a real share of benefits and wealth for their efforts and ideas. As startups eventually sold ownership to larger and larger corporate investors, those gains for individual workers slipped away gradually. Replaced by positions where improvements and ideas were expected, demanded and mandatory to earn flat salaries. Rewards were replaced with threats. Benefits became more expensive to the worker or were reduced, even eliminated. Today, if a worker offers an idea which improves efficiency, reduces cost or results in an entirely new income stream for a company resulting in billions in profits, the worker may get a small bonus instead of a share of the profits. Or simply a letter of recognition.

No more divide and conquer. As should be obvious through all of this, the entire goal is to keep us divided. As long as we remain divided, we can be controlled. Break up unions, split the workforce, make us compete like performing animals, tell us that the most subservient will be rewarded, follow orders, watch one another and report disobedience, accept the roles assigned no matter how demeaning or below our capacity and capability, accept the workload no matter how crushing, ask no questions, make no demands, struggle to survive so the rich and corporations survive and profit. As long as we remain divided, we surrender our own power as a group, a workforce, a community, a society. We hand our power over too willingly and lock our own shackles.

We can do better. If we want things to improve, we have only one choice. To unify. That means communicating with each other. Yes, it may at times be uncomfortable but eventually we gain more respect for each other. Can all of us agree on everything? No. However, we can gain consensus. In other words, democracy in the workplace. Which leads to democracy in ever-growing concentric circles to community, city, state, nation and world.

THAT absolutely terrifies capitalists.

The only other choice is surrendering to the oligarchy and perpetuating our own subservience where more chains will continue to be added as time goes on until we can no longer carry the weight. In the long run, if we communicate, even on the issues we disagree on, then when conditions improve, we gain more respect and caring for each other. It’s called being a society. Which is the root word of Socialism. Remember that.

Break the rules. Turn to your coworkers and start talking about real issues. Today. Don’t wait any longer.

Mueller Failed, Completely

If the point of Mueller’s testimony was to prove that Trump is an unethical asshole, great. I’m sure you found his testimony to be worth it.

However, that’s not what Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to do an “investigation” on. He was appointed to investigate Russian GOVERNMENT interference in the 2016 election. (Kindly note that this should have completely eliminated anything that occurred AFTER the election, while his report is nearly 1/4 refers to events after the election was over.)

His testimony went exactly the way I expected and openly predicted it would. He referred back to his report with nearly every response. “That’s included in the report.” He had to do this because of the decision by a federal judge that he could not refer to a Russian internet advertising agency as being part of or attached to the Russian government. Yes, you can call it a troll farm if you like but then you have to compare it to the behavior of American advertising agencies who act in very similar ways. I hate all of them, so I don’t care what term you use.

Most of the Democrat “questions” were yes or no vague questions or fawning praise of Mueller over nothing.

Mueller made such vague statements as saying Trump could be indicted after he leaves office. Let me once again clarify that an indictment is an accusation, not a conviction. As one NY state prosecutor once said, “I could indict a ham sandwich.” His meaning was that an indictment means exactly nothing. With our grand jury system (reference Chelsea Manning’s statements on that), anyone can be indicted at any time for any thing. So Mueller’s statement means nothing.

According to a count by NBC, Mueller diverted or refused to answer questions a whopping 198 timesKeep in mind that NBC is the most hyped-up Russiagate propaganda farm you can imagine. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has devoted nearly every minute of every show for nearly three years to spinning this poorly spun fiction.

One thing he absolutely refused to answer was why he did not indict or charge specific people, like the professor which the source of the claims against Papadopoulos, which was prominent in the Mueller report. Steele Dossier? Refused to answer.

Mueller repeatedly claimed that issues with his report were “not in his purview”. Yes, it was all absolutely in the purview of his “investigation”. If it was included in his report, it was his responsibility to look into the accuracy of what was presented in that report! If you were being investigated for murder, would it not be the responsibility of the investigator to look into the accuracy of the witness’s statements? That’s part of the damn judicial process!!!

Some people are claiming that the line of “questioning” (mostly soap boxing propaganda) by Adam (pile of) Schiff actually means something. Listen to it again if you need to. It is nothing but vague supposition and innuendo. It contains no specifics in the questioning or answers. It appears pre-planned and staged. It is nothing but a string of “if”, “could”, “would this be acceptable” statements.

Mueller also referred to the Office of Legal Counsel determination that a sitting president could not be charged with a crime, inferring but not stating that was why he did not charge Trump with a crime. Later in teh day he recanted that and referred back to his report and May 29th statement, saying he never came to the determination whether Trump did or did not commit a crime. So, he spent two years coming to the determination to not come to a determination. No, it was not his job to charge Trump with a crime but it WAS his job to determine of a crime had been committed. What that amounts to is Mueller saying he did not do the one single thing he was supposed to do- make a decision!

For what was displayed today, we did not need a two year, $30 million (very conservative estimate) “investigation” which revealed nothing but standard DC corruption, mostly relating to Israel, Ukraine, Turkey and tax evasion.

Do we need to eliminate foreign money and influence in our elections and which influence elected officials? Yes. Let’s talk about AIPAC. Let’s talk about the Clinton Global Initiative, which raked in $billions while HRC was SoS and while she was running for office. Let’s talk about Uranium One, which Mueller himself approved the “intelligence” on, which HRC approved and where Bill got paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian investment agency.

Do we need to eliminate foreign influence in our government in general? Absolutely. See the above. We also need to eliminate corporate money in our government. We also need to stop screwing with the governments and societies of other nations, which means shutting down most of the CIA. We need federally funded elections with equal funding for the top 4 parties. We need to eliminate corporate PACs. We need to make corporate lobbying a criminal offense with mandatory prison time. We need paper ballots. We need Ranked Choice Voting. We need open primaries and open debates. We need to execute.. okay, eliminate superdelegates.

What we do not need is Mueller and this Russia garbage. Like it or not, this is the end of Muellergate and all of Russiagate. Not a doubt you will keep hearing about it for a few days but resign yourself to this being over.

Now, can we get back to discussing actual issues and policies? You can absolutely doubt that because it’s not going to happen.

The Deutsche Bank Irony

If you missed the story, very recently Deutsche Bank (DB), the largest banking system in Germany, laid off 20,000 people. DB does business in numerous countries and the layoffs were spread across each country in which they have offices located.

Still, think about the fact that they laid off twenty thousand employees.

On top of that, DB is now being investigated by the American DOJ for money laundering and fraud in the Malaysia development fund. This raises a number of questions and is truly ironic.

First of all, what does the DOJ have to do with this? The development fund was Malaysia state-owned under their ministry of finance. DB is a German bank, not American.

Know who else was implicated in the scandal involving the Malaysia development fund? Goldman Sachs. An American investment firm.

Remember that as of this date, not one single person has ever gone to prison for the economic crash of 2008. Nobody from Wells Fargo has gone to prison for insurance fraud. No actions have been taken regarding the fraud and money laundering revealed in the Panama Papers, which was massive.

So, the question really becomes what the goal of the DOJ is in investigating a scandal which began in 2013 in another country, now implicating a huge bank in Germany which is on the verge of collapsing as we speak?

It becomes deeply suspicious when this is happening as Germany turns against the US for the completely separate issue of the Russian pipeline Nordstream 2 and defending Iran from US sanctions. This appears to be a literal attempt to hasten or force the absolute collapse of the German banking system in retaliation for these political actions and standing up to the US Empire. Obviously any opposition to the Empire must be met with force. That’s the way the Empire operates. If military force is not an option, then economic force will be used, even against our alleged allies.

Perhaps the US government believes that forcing further economic crises on European countries will somehow benefit the US. That’s not going to happen. The EU has been having their own debt crisis since 2009, partly caused by the US economic crisis. Causing greater economic stress on EU states will not help the US situation, which is far greater. The US national debt accounts for over 1/3 of all global national debt. That is before factoring in consumer and corporate debt. So if the German or EU economies suffer, it’s not like we can help them. Not like they could help us. In fact, it would drive them further away from us out of both resentment and the need for trading partners that allowed them to save money on trade. In other words, Russia and China.

Of course, what is most obvious about the DB situation is what it indicates. It indicates growing weakness in the global banking system. One can believe that the US banking system is immune to what is happening in Europe but we live in a tightly interconnected world. As one economy or banking system declines, the effects will be felt across every continent. Laying off tens of thousands of workers only serves to reduce incomes, which will worsen conditions. Do that across numerous countries, numerous industries and the picture becomes gray at best.

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I have opened my new website which is intended to be a central listing of protests and political rallies across the US. It’s still a work in progress but is functional. You can find it at http://RallyAndProtest.com

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Update On New Site

A few weeks ago, I announced the opening of the new site, http://rallyandprotest.com. As of yet, there have been no listings but most of that is on me. There are a few challenges involved.

Some challenges are obvious. I haven’t had a great amount of time to devote to the site. So it doesn’t look quite as professional as I would like it to just yet. I’ll be working on it more.

Another challenge is money. Until the site starts getting listings, I can’t afford much in the way of advertising. Without spending money on advertising, I’m less likely to get listings.

If a site has no visibility, no matter how low pricing is, many groups or candidates are rightfully hesitant to post any listings.

Things are changing and I may have more time in a few weeks. My employer has hired two more nurses for my shift. Since I work PRN (as needed), it’s likely I will have fewer hours. Obviously, that will mean less income but it also means more time to devote to the site and to my writing.

One thought struck me a couple of nights ago. This site would be eligible for grants from various organizations. Before that can happen, I have to get the site listed as a nonprofit. That will cost money and take some work but it has to be done. Then I will probably have to establish a business bank account for it. I’m doing research into all the above to get it done. One aspect is that I will have to find people willing to be board members, a requirement for nonprofits.

If I do apply for grants, the one thing I am adamant about is that the site maintain the same vision as I detailed before. That it will be nonpartisan. It will not allow listings for hate groups or representatives. Some people may not like it but I am going to talk to the Soros foundation. I figure inquiring does no harm and ethics will always take precedence. What’s the worst that can happen? They demand controls tied to their grants that I decline and I wind up exactly where I’m at? Just means it will take longer to get it off the ground. This is a long term project, so time is not an issue. They will not be the only ones I will be talking to.

Any grants I may possibly receive will be a short term situation. Only enough to get rolling. This is meant to be self-sustaining. The less money received from sources that may result in a false perception of bias the better. The sooner to detach from it, even better.

Once off the ground, I do intend for the arrangement to pay me a salary, allowing me to reduce regular work hours or devote full time to it. That just makes sense, as listing it as a nonprofit means I will have to be CEO, CFO, CTO, COO.. and janitor. However, most of any income would be recycled into the organization. I guess I should call it an organization, shouldn’t I?

Crap. Accounting. Yuck. I’m actually good at it, I just hate it.

An advantage to applying for grants is that some organizations that offer grants may also offer legal advice. Some may offer financial and tax advice. This is all new territory for me, so that would be welcome. If the organization becomes large enough, any income would eventually allow for hiring an employee or two, at least part-time and retain legal counsel just in case.

Being able to reduce regular work hours would also allow me to work on writing more. Finish my book. Maybe more than one. Start doing videos again.

So, maybe the possibility of less hours at work is a good thing. Though I’ll probably be working harder than ever. That’s okay, long as it does something positive.

Dems Condemn Trump’s Comment.. And?

The Democrats this week proposed a bill officially condemning Trump’s racist statements about four racially minority Congresswomen. Now, I absolutely agree that his statement should be condemned. However, then what?

This condemnation really accomplishes nothing. It changes no policy. It places no restrictions on Trump or anyone else. It is a non-binding statement of protest with no consequence attached.

This is all theater. Especially when these are some of the same Progressive women that Pelosi has had conflicts with based on policy and their Progressive views.

In March, the Democrats disciplined Omar for her statement that US elected officials who support Israel and oppose BDS actions are working for a foreign government. Her statement is true. They called her statement anti-semitic, yet Israel itself is a country, not a religion. The Israeli government represents the nation, not a religion. Semites are the people that inhabit or come from a specific region, so that includes Palestinians, whom Israel is openly conducting genocide against. BDS is a form of freedom of speech, in other words, a US citizen right included in our Constitution. Centrist Democrats have not said or done anything to oppose the numerous states that have enacted laws that allow suspension or firing of state employees who take part in the BDS protests. They’re too busy collecting AIPAC money.

Pelosi has had an ongoing battle with AOC on many fronts, becoming unprofessional and demeaning toward her.

Centrist Democrats, including Pelosi and Schumer, have not opposed Trump on policy. They caved on DACA, approved his tax cut for the rich, unanimously approved dozens of Conservative judges to lifetime federal bench positions, handed Trump powers of mass surveillance, AUMF powers, unrestricted trade negotiation authorization, caved on border wall funding, oppose universal healthcare and recently caved on funding for detaining immigrants with no protections included for those immigrants.

Fuck Pelosi and Schumer and all centrist Democrats and those who sheepdog for them. If you think that some toothless statement of finger-wagging during a time when CONgress should have been doing some literal work is “Resistance”, then fuck you too! This accomplishes nothing. It changes nothing. It does not undo any harmful policy, it does not introduce any policy beneficial to the American people (or anyone else) for the future. Get your head out of your ass and stop cheering for this trailer park, Jerry Springer type shit show. Start paying attention. You want better for this country? It fucking starts with YOU.

Automation- Your Job Is Not Safe From Indirect Effects, Pt 2- Solutions

Part 1 of this series addressed the challenges involving automation which affect our economy and job market. Part 2 addresses solutions which we cannot avoid having to implement at some point. If we do not implement these solutions at some level, our economy and our society as we know it will continue to deteriorate and ultimately collapse. We’re already well on the road to that conclusion.

There is no stopping it. You will not stop the advance of technology and automation. It’s here to stay and is accelerating. Technology has been advancing since prehistoric times. Technology multiplies technology. Humans have always used tools to build bigger tools, better tools, buildings and factories to create tools. Computer programs speed the development of better, faster programs. We now have programs that write programs. Computer hardware is used to develop the next generation of hardware, faster, more capable, more resilient. The more the tools advance, the fewer the number of workers needed to accomplish the greatest amount of work. The only time this is bad is when it happens in a capitalist system. Remove money for survival from the equation and it is a positive. Keep money in that equation and it becomes deadly.

WE need to adapt our attitudes. Many Americans are still stuck in the concept that Socialism is bad. Never mind that without Socialist-leaning programs our economy would collapse right this minute. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, public roads, health departments, fire departments, police, jails, prisons, etc. Millions of jobs rely on a Socialist ideal right now. The problem with the advance of technology is that our economy has not kept pace. Our attitudes as a society have not kept pace.Most of this is because of capitalist ownership of media and domination of education, all pushing a capitalist agenda. “Capitalism good, Socialism bad.”WE need to evolve beyond this mindset. Stop giving in to fear of change. See what is happening. Stop trying to prop up a collapsing building.

Advances and opposition. Technology will continue to advance no matter the economic system. It is part of our evolution. It is the human drive to solve problems and defeat challenges. The first humans that used rocks as hammers made no monetary profit. The first humans to develop bronze, iron and steel made no money. The problem is that the same mindset to evolve and defeat challenges in our economy is opposed by a barbaric need to dominate, by greed, by ego. It is an absolute indication that our society has not evolved socially. It is this barbaric mindset which holds us back, which is apathetic or even sadistically jubilant at the suffering of human beings who lack the resources to dominate, even if that person is born with artificial socially imposed disadvantages which have nothing to do with their capabilities or true potential. It is this barbaric mindset which refuses to grant anything for free and pushes to make even the most basic needs like clean water a commodity available only for an ever-increasing price. It is that barbaric mindset which keeps those born or forced to the bottom of the economic ladder constantly fighting for mere survival until they have no time, energy or resources remaining to even make the attempt to climb higher. Mental slaves to that barbarism attempt to blame the victims of this system for their alleged failings. Surrendering our minds to that barbaric mentality means surrendering our lives, our society, our health, our children and our futures to someday be on the victim side of that equation. Many are experiencing this today as the middle class loses ground and becomes ever more insecure.

Limited options. There are only a limited number of solutions to the conditions which we are facing. Every one of those solutions involve some form of Socialism. Trickle-down economics is a demonstrated failure. Capitalists still try to claim that only capitalist solutions can save capitalism. Yet none of that is true. We have watched the flow of wealth to the top over nearly 40 years and we are now in crisis mode globally. You can cheer for your favorite gazillionaire all you like, that doesn’t mean that your paycheck grows any larger, that your personal future becomes any more secure. The rich have had sycophants groveling at their feet through all of history but when you no longer present a profit to the rich, your purpose has been served and you get thrown out like so much garbage along with everyone else. Stop licking boots.

Drop the resentment of the poor. Resentment of the poor does no good. Let’s say that some people take unfair advantage of welfare and avoid that argument. The fact is, if 25%, 1 out of four of Americans, took advantage of welfare to the tune of $1000 a month every month, that would equate to an annual cost of $990 billion. Now consider that most of those welfare recipients are likely to be supporting families. Consider that this spending would be spent in the economy, supporting jobs and incomes. The government surrendered more money than that giving tax breaks to the rich in 2018. The rich responded by using that money to buy back over $2 trillion in stock. In other words, enough to give HALF of Americans an extra $1000 a month. Yet that tax break created exactly zero jobs. Bloomberg recently reported that the job market declined by 600,000 since December 2018.

Solutions. It is obvious that the only way that the general population and capitalism itself will survive is by implementing some form of Universal Basic Income (UBI). As more jobs cease to exist, competition for remaining jobs becomes more fierce and as a result wages plummet, we are driving headlong into conditions ripe for unbridled civil war. You can deny it but that doesn’t change the truth. Look through history and the same conditions have always resulted in civil war by some name. Call it revolution, uprising or anything else, they all mean the same thing. The only thing missing at this point is some spark to light the final fuse. That fuse is lit. Flooding in the midwest, decreased imports and increasing prices due to tariffs mean that we are now facing a shortage of resources which will only be available to those higher on the income scale. As resources become more exhausted, it will mean more jobs are lost and prices escalate further. Cutting social support programs to support warfare and corporate welfare is exactly the wrong thing to do at exactly the wrong time. Yet that’s what is happening.

New ideas. It is obvious that new ideas and approaches are needed. We cannot keep applying the same old ideas which have NEVER worked and expect them to suddenly solve our problems. We have to be brave enough to accept the fact that the old system has failed and will continue to fail. Remaining in the same system for fear of change is no different than remaining in an abusive relationship because the abuser tells you that you cannot survive without them. It is the rich, the capitalists who will not survive without us. We literally don’t need them at all. Workers build and produce everything. Our national resources, including intellectual property, belong to us, not them. The profits from our efforts, our lands and waters do not belong to them by any authorization but our allowance, which has cost too much destruction, too much suffering, too many lives. The time for UBI is now. Not later. Later will be too late. Corporations are not your friends. The rich are not your friends. Corporate media are not your friends. Politicians who push the capitalist agenda are not your friends. The sooner YOU realize that, the sooner we can move forward together and build something better than we have. The other choice is that we all fail together.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I am an independent writer with no corporate sponsors or backing. The only income I make from my writing comes from views. At least I have reached the point where it makes more than it costs me! lol! (Not by much.)My writing is done in between full time (and overtime) nursing, shared custody of my brilliant daughter and mundane existence.

I have opened my new website which is intended to be a central listing of protests and political rallies across the US. It’s still a work in progress but is functional. You can find it at http://RallyAndProtest.com

Please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. I try and average at least 20 articles a month, so a $1 a month donation would come down to 5¢ per article to support independent, non-corporate writing. My Patreon page is here.

If you care to share articles with those who do not have Medium or Patreon accounts, I also post most of my articles on my own website, which has no advertising and I pay for with income from writing. My website is at https://issuesunite.com/ and all articles can be shared freely. You can always quote me, no attribution required. My goal is spreading information and awareness. The whole point is building a better, more peaceful, more equitable world for us and future generations.