In Case You Were Wondering

In case you were wondering why I have not posted anything for a long time and now posted a lot of articles at once, it’s because I was moving.

Most of my writing is done on one specific site and then copied over to other sites for publication. Much of my writing is done during slower periods at my nursing job, though I have not had much slow time there for a few weeks. I can easily access the main site where I write from work, while other sites take more effort. For pasting them over, I use my PC, which I had disassembled during the move. Once I got moved, more practical considerations like furniture, kitchen, clothing, cleaning and clearing the old place had to take precedence. I just got the PC set up last night.

Even copying and pasting articles over is not completely straightforward. Then it takes changing the address of some links to coordinate with the other site, adding search tags. Some sites only allow 5 tags, while others are unlimited or at least much higher.

Some of the articles I just transferred over may have some minor details which are slightly dated but I made sure the ones I transferred are mostly accurate and up to date. Things that are out of date are fairly arbitrary and nothing has actually changed.

The move is an extremely welcome one. I have a lot more space but the cost is nearly the same. No more rap music at all hours of day and night in the parking lot. No more dodging potholes which could do tire or suspension damage. The more I get the new place set up as I like, the more comfortable I am becoming. Daughter is happy with the move. We even have a room we can set up for arts and crafts, while I now have a workshop where I can set up my woodworking equipment. Covered deck for summer, large kitchen. The deck looks out at vine covered trees.

Though I do have to start doing yard work again. Ugh.

The move had a few unexpected adventures which slowed me down. New place had a gas leak at one point. Then the AC went out and they had to replace the entire system. Then where I thought I had transferred gas service, there was an error and gas was turned off for a few days. (I cooked out. Daughter was not sad about that.) Each episode caused me to be awake while I should have been sleeping.

Daughter had various school events she worked at. Yesterday she was inducted into the National Honor Society!!! I am so proud of her!!!

Needless to say, add up working full time, overtime, moving with no assistance (the king size bed was a real mother to move), the various adventures along the way kind of took a physical toll for a while. I did not have the motivation to get the PC set up until this weekend. I was finally able to get a 4 day weekend to recover. I am pretty sure some people at work hate me for doing so but they’ll get over it. Eventually.

So, I expect to be getting back to some semblance of a regular writing schedule again soon.