Mueller Failed, Completely

If the point of Mueller’s testimony was to prove that Trump is an unethical asshole, great. I’m sure you found his testimony to be worth it.

However, that’s not what Mueller was appointed Special Counsel to do an “investigation” on. He was appointed to investigate Russian GOVERNMENT interference in the 2016 election. (Kindly note that this should have completely eliminated anything that occurred AFTER the election, while his report is nearly 1/4 refers to events after the election was over.)

His testimony went exactly the way I expected and openly predicted it would. He referred back to his report with nearly every response. “That’s included in the report.” He had to do this because of the decision by a federal judge that he could not refer to a Russian internet advertising agency as being part of or attached to the Russian government. Yes, you can call it a troll farm if you like but then you have to compare it to the behavior of American advertising agencies who act in very similar ways. I hate all of them, so I don’t care what term you use.

Most of the Democrat “questions” were yes or no vague questions or fawning praise of Mueller over nothing.

Mueller made such vague statements as saying Trump could be indicted after he leaves office. Let me once again clarify that an indictment is an accusation, not a conviction. As one NY state prosecutor once said, “I could indict a ham sandwich.” His meaning was that an indictment means exactly nothing. With our grand jury system (reference Chelsea Manning’s statements on that), anyone can be indicted at any time for any thing. So Mueller’s statement means nothing.

According to a count by NBC, Mueller diverted or refused to answer questions a whopping 198 timesKeep in mind that NBC is the most hyped-up Russiagate propaganda farm you can imagine. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has devoted nearly every minute of every show for nearly three years to spinning this poorly spun fiction.

One thing he absolutely refused to answer was why he did not indict or charge specific people, like the professor which the source of the claims against Papadopoulos, which was prominent in the Mueller report. Steele Dossier? Refused to answer.

Mueller repeatedly claimed that issues with his report were “not in his purview”. Yes, it was all absolutely in the purview of his “investigation”. If it was included in his report, it was his responsibility to look into the accuracy of what was presented in that report! If you were being investigated for murder, would it not be the responsibility of the investigator to look into the accuracy of the witness’s statements? That’s part of the damn judicial process!!!

Some people are claiming that the line of “questioning” (mostly soap boxing propaganda) by Adam (pile of) Schiff actually means something. Listen to it again if you need to. It is nothing but vague supposition and innuendo. It contains no specifics in the questioning or answers. It appears pre-planned and staged. It is nothing but a string of “if”, “could”, “would this be acceptable” statements.

Mueller also referred to the Office of Legal Counsel determination that a sitting president could not be charged with a crime, inferring but not stating that was why he did not charge Trump with a crime. Later in teh day he recanted that and referred back to his report and May 29th statement, saying he never came to the determination whether Trump did or did not commit a crime. So, he spent two years coming to the determination to not come to a determination. No, it was not his job to charge Trump with a crime but it WAS his job to determine of a crime had been committed. What that amounts to is Mueller saying he did not do the one single thing he was supposed to do- make a decision!

For what was displayed today, we did not need a two year, $30 million (very conservative estimate) “investigation” which revealed nothing but standard DC corruption, mostly relating to Israel, Ukraine, Turkey and tax evasion.

Do we need to eliminate foreign money and influence in our elections and which influence elected officials? Yes. Let’s talk about AIPAC. Let’s talk about the Clinton Global Initiative, which raked in $billions while HRC was SoS and while she was running for office. Let’s talk about Uranium One, which Mueller himself approved the “intelligence” on, which HRC approved and where Bill got paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian investment agency.

Do we need to eliminate foreign influence in our government in general? Absolutely. See the above. We also need to eliminate corporate money in our government. We also need to stop screwing with the governments and societies of other nations, which means shutting down most of the CIA. We need federally funded elections with equal funding for the top 4 parties. We need to eliminate corporate PACs. We need to make corporate lobbying a criminal offense with mandatory prison time. We need paper ballots. We need Ranked Choice Voting. We need open primaries and open debates. We need to execute.. okay, eliminate superdelegates.

What we do not need is Mueller and this Russia garbage. Like it or not, this is the end of Muellergate and all of Russiagate. Not a doubt you will keep hearing about it for a few days but resign yourself to this being over.

Now, can we get back to discussing actual issues and policies? You can absolutely doubt that because it’s not going to happen.

Mueller’s Fall From Grace

After 2 years, the inevitable fall of Mueller came this week, just before his scheduled testimony in front of CONgress regarding his 448 propaganda piece labeled as a “report”.

If you missed it, I wrote a 4 part dissection of the Mueller report, showing it as the fantasy it truly was.

In the past 3 years, numerous independent Progressive journalists and myself have taken Russiagate apart piece by piece until only those with the highest level of cognitive dissonance could believe a single word of Russiagate. If you have ever heard one report on the subject by Aaron Mate or The Duran or Jimmy Dore and still believed Russiagate, you are among the cognitive dissonant people I mentioned.

If you still placed any stock in it, this week should have been the nail in the coffin for you. However, the events of the past week have been ignored by corporate media, so you may have missed it. Here is what happened.

First, unannounced by most media, the Russian firm Internet Research Agency had filed a lawsuit against the US federal government, protesting the claim that the IRA was funded by or had any association with the Russian government. This is something which Mueller made extensive claims of in his report. The IRA won the lawsuit. A US federal judge ruled that there was no evidence that the IRA had any direct connection to the Russian government and that such claims can no longer be promoted by the US government or its representatives. Which includes Mueller. So, if Mueller even infers during his CONgressional testimony that IRA is paid by or tied to the Russian government, he can be held in contempt.

So, when he testifies, what I expect is that he will avoid this by stating something along the lines of, “This is what is contained in my report.” Watch his wording very closely because it will be intentionally completely misleading. He will repeat this wording over over ad nauseum. Expect him to avoid any and every question which deviates from this specific form of statement. Count on it, bet money on it. Hell, bet ME money on it!

Then the DOJ announced that they are reprimanding the FBI for obtaining FISA warrants using the Steele Dossier, even though nothing in the dossier has ever been verified. The Steele Dossier was another major cornerstone of the Mueller report. So, Mueller cannot use the dossier, either.

That means the only things Mueller has left is his indictment of 12 GRU officers. Several problems with that. First, Mueller has offered absolutely no evidence to prove a single claim. Second, an indictment is an accusation. As a former NY attorney general once said, “I can indict a ham sandwich.” That doesn’t mean there is any validity or evidence. Lastly, the GRU has not existed since 2010.

The GRU was changed to the GU in that 2010. You can forgive the clueless media propaganda machine for using the GRU name but an official US government document announcing accusations against an entity which no longer exists under than name for nearly a decade? No, that is NOT excusable. This document was compiled by “Intelligence” officials. If they could not even be accurate about the name of an agency at the center of their accusations, then how accurate can you expect anything else in the report or his statements to be?! If you, yourself are willing to overlook such a glaring detail, then you must admit to yourself that you are willing to overlook anything which doesn’t fit the narrative in what you have turned into a religion. You don’t GAF about the truth, all you want is hatred, anger and blame.

Or maybe you and Mueller just watched “Despicable Me” one too many times. You do know that’s where Gru got his name from, right?

So I am going to be fairly interested in what Mueller has to say in his testimony. Or wondering if something will happen to prevent him from testifying at all. Whether he does or does not, don’t expect anything more, anything different. It will be the same baseless conspiracy theory we have heard for three years with exactly the same amount of “evidence” as on day one. He will refer exclusively to his report as I stated above with no variation or alteration of any kind.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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Realistic Review of the Mueller Report, Pt 4, Conclusion

I am not going to copy over any more excerpts from the Mueller report. The remainder of the report which I have not quoted consists of repetition of things I have already noted, in longer form, opinions, appendices including a glossary of terms/names/abbreviations/etc and Trump’s response to questions, which even Mueller doesn’t bother to claim as evidence of wrongdoing.

So, if you really want to take issue with me not going through those things, then kindly read the entire report for yourself. It was never my goal to simply post the entire report or I would have done so.

Throughout the entire Mueller report, he repeatedly uses “media reporting” as alleged evidence of Russian hacking of the DNC. Since when did the media examine the DNC servers? Why did he never subpoena the servers? Why did he not summon the CEO’s of Crowdstrike? Why did he not summon the DNC elite? Why was there no questioning of Hillary, John Podesta, DWS, Donna Brazile?

It is known that FBI agents were called to testify. None of their testimony is included in the report. The report never mentions the necessity of firing Strzok from his probe. The text messages between Strzok and Page are never mentioned.

Mueller never examined or mentioned Uranium One, in which money actually changed hands to the Clintons and Clinton Foundation. Of course, if he did he would have had to recuse himself from his own probe because he was at the very top of the Uranium One deal. He approved the “intelligence” on it.

Of the entire report, my favorite quote is very early on, found on page 10, “ the investigation established that certain actions or events occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.”

If you are not presenting facts, then the entire report is nothing but opinions based on opinions. “Evidence” based on media reports which are based on opinions and unverified claims with nothing ever examined. Would you accept this from a legal investigation? Would you accept this from a lawyer? If you place any stock in the validity of the Mueller report, you just did exactly that. This is not justice.

This was never an investigation. An investigation begins at the scene of the alleged crime, in this case the DNC servers. That never happened. An investigation interviews all witnesses. That never happened.

An investigation does not issue indictments of foreign intelligence officials while offering no evidence, refuse discussion on the matter and then claim that their refusal to be tried in the US, known to use torture, is evidence of guilt. That happened.

This report offers no evidence where there should be evidence. It offers evidence which would fail any judicial precedent as evidence. It would not be allowed in a court of law because it relies entirely on hearsay and opinion.

Ultimately, the Mueller report is an absolute condemnation. Of Mueller. It is a condemnation for what is included and what is not. For who was included and who was not. It is a condemnation for investigatory and judicial misconduct. It is a condemnation for making inference of guilt yet coming to no conclusion, which was the entire point of his “investigation”. For making claims of influence without placing the claims in numerical context. Most of all, it is a condemnation for the social and political turmoil it has resulted in. Claims of American citizens being agents of a foreign power and that social movements were products of or influenced by a foreign power. For the consequences of tens of billions of dollars in increased “defense” spending in just two years and the very real risk of military conflict with a major nuclear power. Then he simply decides he will make no more public announcements on the subject and may not respond to summons to testify further to Congressional inquiries. He has known every risk involved along the way and did not care. He got paid and that’s all that matters to him. He is no better than Joseph McCarthy in my opinion.

Robert Mueller should be put on trial for this report and I seriously hope that happens at some point.

Until then, we all need to ignore any more talk of Russia and focus on actual issues and policies. If you see reports talking about Russia or Mueller, change the channel, click to the next page, block the person sharing it. Anything to shut it down and bring us back to what matters.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

I am an independent writer with no corporate sponsors or backing. The only income I make from my writing comes from views. At least I have reached the point where it makes more than it costs me! lol! My writing is done in between full time (and overtime) nursing, shared custody of my brilliant daughter and mundane existence.

Please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. I try and average at least 20 articles a month, so a $1 a month donation would come down to 5¢ per article to support independent, non-corporate writing. My Patreon page is here.

If you care to share articles with those who do not have Medium or Patreon accounts, I also post most of my articles on my own website, which has no advertising and I pay for with income from writing. My website is here and all articles can be shared freely. You can always quote me, no attribution required. My goal is spreading information and awareness. The whole point is building a better, more peaceful, more equitable world for us and future generations.

Realistic Review of The Mueller Report, Pt 3

This is part 3 of my review. I skip over a lot of pages here because it goes into legal precedent and basically sounds like a lot of whining on the part of Mueller because he cannot go beyond the law.

Nothing in this ever offers any hard evidence proving Russian hacking or how Mueller came to such a conclusion that any such thing happened.

I don’t even bother with the Manafort allegations because it has been extensively covered in independent media, especially by The Duran, so there’s nothing I can add to it more effectively. They have done a great job on it.

Again, page numbers reference PDF page number and I highlight important statements in bold. I did start adding an asterisk (*)before my own comments to make them easier to identify.

Pg 92- During the meeting, Polonskaya offered to help Papadopoulos establish contacts in Russia and stated that the Russian ambassador in London was a friend of hers. Based on this interaction, Papadopoulos expected Mifsud and Polonskaya to introduce him to the Russian ambassador in London, but that did not occur.

Pg 92- The topic of the lunch was to arrange a meeting between us and the Russian leadership to discuss U.S.-Russia ties under President Trump. They are keen to host us in a “neutral” city, or directly in Moscow. They said the leadership, including Putin, is ready to meet with us and Mr. Trump should there be interest. Waiting for everyone’s thoughts on moving forward with this very important issue.

*This statement, about a meeting which took place in March 2016, obliterates any claims of previous collaboration between Trump and Russia. Now, wait for later developments regarding any later collaboration.

Pg 93- Clovis ‘s response to Papadopoulos , however, did not reflect that shift.
Replying to Papadopoulos and the other members of the foreign policy advisory team copied on the initial email, Clovis wrote :
This is most informative. Let me work it through the campaign. No commitments until we see how this plays out. My thought is that we probably should not go forward with any meetings with the Russians until we have had occasion to sit with our NATO allies, especially France, Germany and Great Britain. We need to reassure our allies that we are not going to advance anything with Russia until we have everyone on the same page.

*This is not sounding like anything but diplomacy. Nothing treasonous about it.

Pg 101- When interviewed, Papadopoulos and the Campaign officials who interacted with him told the Office that they could not recall Papadopoulos ‘s sharing the information that Russia had obtained “dirt” on candidate Clinton in the form of emails or that Russia could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information about Clinton. Papadopoulos stated that he could not clearly recall having told anyone on the Campaign and wavered about whether he accurately remembered an incident in which Clovis had been upset after hearing Papadopoulos tell Clovis that Papadopoulos thought “they have her emails. “ The Campaign officials who interacted or corresponded with Papadopoulos have similarly stated, with varying degrees of certainty , that he did not tell them. Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller, for example, did not remember hearing anything from Papadopoulos or Clovis about Russia having emails of or dirt on candidate Clinton. Clovis stated that he did not recall anyone , including Papadopoulos , having given him non -public information that a foreign government might be in possession of material damaging to Hillary Clinton .

Pg 102- No documentary evidence, and nothing in the email accounts or other communications facilities reviewed by the Office, shows that Papadopoulos shared this information with the Campaign .(bold mine)

*Before this part, Mueller goes on for numerous pages building up to claiming the exact opposite. In addition, Mueller details Papadopoulos having meetings, emails and so forth with people making claims of being in Russian government positions. No evidence those people are who they claim. Even if they were, the Trump campaign deferred any meetings until after the election. Once again, that is diplomatic process.

Still no evidence of hacking, just claims being stated. Besides, I’ll say it again, if hacking occurred (not sold on it in the least), Russia didn’t write the emails. It is what is contained in the emails that matters.

Pg 103- Carter Page worked for the Trump Campaign from January 2016 to September 2016. He was formally and publicly announced as a foreign policy advisor by the candidate in March 2016. 516 Page had lived and worked in Russia, and he had been approached by Russian intelligence officers several years before he volunteered for the Trump Campaign. During his time with the Campaign, Page advocated pro-Russia foreign policy positions and traveled to Moscow in his personal capacity. Russian intelligence officials had formed relationships with Page in 2008 and 2013 and Russian officials may have focused on Page in 2016 because of his affiliation with the Campaign. However, the investigation did not establish that Page coordinated with the Russian government in its efforts to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. (bold mine)

*Mueller goes on for a long time detailing how Page attempted to make contacts and arrangements which were mostly of benefit to himself. He tried to arrange for Trump to speak at a Russian energy meeting but the campaign declined.

Mueller never mentions that Page was an FBI asset.

Taking the above into account, I’ll skip everything else regarding Carter Page. It amounts to nothing.

Pg 114–115 *(This is regarding Center for the National Interest-CNI, a Washington think tank with business and political ties to Russia, mostly because the head of the group was born in Russia and moved here in the 70’s. The group has been around since it was established by Richard Nixon. In fact, it was originally called the Nixon Center for Peace and Freedom.

Wikipedia says, “ The center has a staff of approximately twenty people supporting six main programs: Energy Security and Climate Change, Strategic Studies, US-Russia Relations, U.S.-Japan Relations, China and the Pacific, and Regional Security (Middle East, Caspian Basin and South Asia). In 2006 it had an annual budget of $1.6 million. The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the Foreign Policy Research Instituteranked it as one of the top 30 think tanks in the United States in 2007, and it has consistently earned similar praise since then. According to the2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report (Think Tanks and Civil Societies ProgramUniversity of Pennsylvania), the Center is number 43 (of 60) in the “Top Think Tanks in the United States”)

On April 25, 2016, Saunders booked event rooms at the Mayflower to host both the speech and a VIP reception that was to be held beforehand . Saunders understood that the reception at which invitees would have the chance to meet · candidate Trump — would be a small event. Saunders decided who would attend by looking at the list of CNI’ s invitees to the speech itself and then choosing a subset for the reception. CNI’s invitees to the reception included Sessions and Kislyak. The week before the speech Simes had informed Kislyak that he would be invited to the speech, and that he would have the opportunity to meet Trump.

When the pre -speech reception began on April 27, a receiving line was quickly organized so that attendees could meet Trump. Sessions first stood next to Trump to introduce him to the members of Congress who were in attendance. After those members had been introduced , Simes stood next to Trump and introduced him to the CNI invitees in attendance , including Kislyak. Simes perceived the introduction to be positive and friendly, but thought it clear that Kislyak and Trump had just met for the first time. Kislyak also met Kushner during the prespeech reception. The two shook hands and chatted for a minute or two, during which Kushner recalled Kislyak saying , “we like what your candidate is saying … it’s refreshing. “

Several public reports state that, in addition to speaking to Kushner at the pre-speech reception, Kislyak also met or conversed with Sessions at that time. Sessions stated to investigators, however, that he did not remember any such conversation. Nor did anyone else affiliated with CNI or the National Interest specifically recall a conversation or meeting between Sessions and Kislyak at the pre-speech reception. It appears that , if a conversation occurred at the pre-speech reception, it was a brief one conducted in public view , similar to the exchange between Kushner and Kislyak.

The Office found no evidence that Kislyak conversed with either Trump or Sessions after the speech, or would have had the opportunity to do so.Simes, for example, did not recall seeing Kislyak at the post -speech luncheon, and the only witness who accounted for Sessions’s whereabouts stated that Sessions may have spoken to the press after the event but then departed for Capitol Hill. Saunders recalled, based in part on a food-related request he received from a Campaign staff member, that Trump left the hotel a few minutes after the speech to go to the airport.

In the wake of Sessions’ s confirmation hearings as Attorney General, questions arose about whether Sessions’s campaign-period interactions with CNI apart from the Mayflower speech included any additional meetings with Ambassador Kislyak or involved Russian -related matters. With respect to Kislyak contacts , on May 23, 2016, Sessions attended CNI ‘s Distinguished Service Award dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C. Sessions attended a pre-dinner reception and was seated at one of two head tables for the event. A seating chart prepared by Saunders indicates that Sessions was scheduled to be seated next to Kislyak, who appears to have responded to the invitation by indicating he would attend the event. Sessions, however , did not remember seeing, speaking with, or sitting next to Kislyak at the dinner. Although CNI board member Charles Boyd said he may have seen Kislyak at the dinner, Simes, Saunders, and Jacob Heilbrunn — editor of the National Interest-all had no recollection of seeing Kislyak at the May 23 event. Kislyak also does not appear in any of the photos from the event that the Office obtained. (bold mine)

*That explains the whole Sessions thing. (Don’t act like I defend Sessions. I nickname him “Gollum.”) When you seek the truth, you must be willing to accept facts which are inconvenient.

Pg 116- Between the April 2016 speech at the Mayflower Hotel and the presidential election, Jared Kushner had periodic contacts with Simes. Those contacts consisted of both in-person meetings and phone conversations , which concerned how to address issues relating to Russia in the Campaign and how to move forward with the advisory group of foreign policy experts that Simes had proposed. Simes recalled that he, not Kushner, initiated all conversations about Russia, and that Kushner never asked him to set up back-channel conversations with Russians. According to Simes, after the Mayflower speech in late April, Simes raised the issue of Russian contacts with Kushner, advised that it was bad optics for the Campaign to develop hidden Russian contacts, and told Kushner both that the Campaign should not highlight Russia as an issue and should handle any contacts with Russians with care. Kushner generally provided a similar account of his interactions with Simes.

*I hate seeming like I defend Kushner as well but none of this is my wording, this is all Mueller.

Pg 118- On June 9, 2016, senior representatives of the Trump Campaign met in Trump Tower with a Russian attorney expecting to receive derogatory information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. The meeting was proposed to Donald Trump Jr. in an email from Robert Goldstone, at the request of his then-client Emin Agalarov, the son of Russian real-estate developer Aras Agalarov . Goldstone relayed to Trump Jr. that the “Crown prosecutor of Russia … offered to provide the Trump Campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia” as “part of Russia and its government ‘s support for Mr. Trump.” Trump Jr. immediately responded that “if it ‘s what you say I love it,” and arranged the meeting through a series of emails and telephone calls.

Trump Jr. invited campaign chairman Paul Manafort and senior advisor Jared Kushner to attend the meeting, and both attended. Members of the Campaign discussed the meeting before it occurred, and Michael Cohen recalled that Trump Jr. may have told candidate Trump about an upcoming meeting to receive adverse information about Clinton , without linking the meeting to Russia. According to written answers submitted by President Trump, he has no recollection of learning of the meeting at the time, and the Office found no documentary evidence showing that he was made aware of the meeting — or its Russian connection-before it occurred.

The Russian attorney who spoke at the meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had previously worked for the Russian government and maintained a relationship with that government throughout this period of time. She claimed that funds derived from illegal activities in Russia were provided to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Trump Jr. requested evidence to support those claims, but Veselnitskaya did not provide such information. She and her associates then turned to a critique of the origins of the Magnitsky Act, a 2012 statute that imposed financial and travel sanctions on Russian officials and that resulted in a retaliatory ban on adoptions of Russian children. Trump Jr. suggested that the issue could be revisited when and if candidate Trump was elected . After the election , Veselnitskaya made additional efforts to follow up on the meeting, but the Trump Transition Team did not engage.

*Much as some want to make the issue of DJT Jr having this meeting to gain negative information about Hillary, I will refer back to Hillary/DNC/FBI actually paying for the Steele Dossier. Yet in this case, there is not even the accusation of money changing hands from the Trump team to the Russian lawyer and, if not for the FBI and Mueller, it would have amounted to nothing and we would have never discussed it at all.

Also, compared to the Steele Dossier, nothing about this was ever “leaked” to the press by the Trump campaign or anyone associated with his campaign.

BTW, there is no “crown prosecutor of Russia” because there is no fucking crown!!!!

Pg 131- Trump Campaign officials met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the week of the Republican National Convention . The evidence indicates that those interactions were brief and non-substantive. During platform committee meetings immediately before the Convention, J.D. Gordon, a senior Campaign advisor on policy and national security, diluted a proposed amendment to the Republican Party platform expressing support for providing “lethal” assistance to Ukraine in response to Russian aggression. Gordon requested that platform committee personnel revise the proposed amendment to state that only “appropriate” assistance be provided to Ukraine. The original sponsor of the “lethal” assistance amendment stated that Gordon told her (the sponsor) that he was on the phone with candidate Trump in connection with his request to dilute the language. Gordon denied making that statement to the sponsor, although he acknowledged it was possible he mentioned having previously spoken to the candidate about the subject matter. The investigation did not establish that Gordon spoke to or was directed by the candidate to make that proposal.Gordon said that he sought the change because he believed the proposed language was inconsistent with Trump ‘s position on Ukraine.

*I don’t really have anything to add to this.

Pg 133- (Regarding changes to RNC platform)

On July 11, 2016, delegate Diana Denman submitted a proposed platform amendment that included provision of armed support for Ukraine. The amendment described Russia’s “ongoing military aggression” in Ukraine and announced “support” for “maintaining (and, if warranted , increasing) sanctions against Russia until Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity are fully restored” and for “providing lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine ‘s armed forces and greater coordination with NATO on defense planning.” Gordon reviewed the proposed platform changes, including Denman ‘s . Gordon stated that he flagged this amendment because of Trump’s stated position on Ukraine, which Gordon personally heard the candidate say at the March 31 foreign policy meeting-namely, that the Europeans should take primary responsibility for any assistance to Ukraine, that there should be improved U.S.-Russia relations, and that he did not want to start World War III over that region. Gordon told the Office that Trump’s statements on the campaign trail following the March meeting underscored those positions to the point where Gordon felt obliged to object to the proposed platform change and seek its dilution.

*Um, how is this supposed to be an indictment against Trump?!! I think Mueller got lost here!!!

Pg 135- Ambassador Kislyak continued his efforts to interact with Campaign officials with responsibility for the foreign-policy portfolio-among them Sessions and Gordon-in the weeks after the Convention. The Office did not identify evidence in those interactions of coordination between the Campaign and the Russian government.

*Once again, there’s nothing I can add to this.

Pg 191- The investigation did not, however, yield evidence sufficient to sustain any charge that any individual affiliated with the Trump Campaign acted as an agent of a foreign principal within the meaning of FARA or, in terms of Section 951, subject to the direction or control of the government of Russia, or any official thereof. In particular, the Office did not find evidence likely to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Campaign officials such as Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos , and Carter Page acted as agents of the Russian government-or at its direction control, or request-during the relevant time period.

As a result, the Office did not charge (redacted) any other Trump Campaign official with violating FARA or Section , or attempting or conspiring to do so, based on contacts with the Russian government or a Russian principal. (bold mine)

*This was pretty much the whole basis of the Mueller probe and it failed to make that objective.

Pg 191 to 192- Several areas of the Office’s investigation involved efforts or offers by foreign nationals to provide negative information about candidate Clinton to the Trump Campaign or to distribute that information to the public, to the anticipated benefit of the Campaign. As explained below , the Office considered whether two of those efforts in particular — the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower (redacted) constituted prosecutable violations of the campaign-finance laws. The Office determined that the evidence was not sufficient to charge either incident as a criminal violation. (Bold mine)

*So, this was found not criminal and nothing from it was ever used by the Trump campaign because of lack of hard evidence, unlike the Steele Dossier.

Pg 394- (Mueller’s conclusion, which is basically word for word the same as his press conference.)

Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the President ‘s conduct. The evidence we obtained about the President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that would need to be resolved if we were making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. At the same time , if we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach that judgment. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.

*The entire job of a special prosecutor is to find if a crime was committed. To come to a conclusion. His role is to state conclusively if any crime, including obstruction, was committed. To state he was unable to reach a conclusion leaves the entire issue exactly where it began, meaning he wasted two years of our time for the express purpose of leaving the door open to more “investigations”.

Realistic Review of The Mueller Report, Pt 2

The first part of this series went only up to page 20. I had already gone through a significant portion of the report, so posting part 2 now. This one goes from page 21 to page 84.

As with part 1, page numbers quoted are of the PDF page numbers. I highlight some sections in bold and my comments are all in bold.

This part illustrates exactly how schizophrenic the entire Mueller report really is. Just read my comments and you’ll get the gist of it. It includes such things as sports, social media claims, FBI agents highly integrated into accusations after the FBI was shown clearly biased and multiple FBI agents had to be fired from the Mueller probe and then from the FBI itself. It also includes alleged timing of Wikileaks information releases and try to correlate that to media reports or Trump tweets. The media never stopped reporting about Trump and Trump never stops tweeting. So any alleged timing means absolutely nothing.

Mueller repeatedly states that the DNC was hacked, then on page 55 says the stolen data may have been (“cannot rule out”) transferred to Wikileaks physically through intermediaries who visited in 2016. So, which is it? Data can be anonymously transferred to Wikileaks online, so why would a physical transfer be necessary?!!

He also tries to convince people that 15,000 tweets swayed the election, while during the same period he states, there were 25 billion tweets posted globally.

This is what Mueller calls convincing evidence. Are you buying it? Keep reading, it gets worse.

Pg 21- To carry out the investigation and prosecution of the matters assigned to him, the Special Counsel assembled a team that at its high point included 19 attorneys-five of whom joined the Office from private practice and 14 on detail or assigned from other Department of Justice components.
These attorneys were assisted by a filter team of Department lawyers and FBI
personnel who screened materials obtained via court process for privileged information before turning those materials over to investigators..

The Special Counsel attorneys and support staff were co-located with and worked alongside approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants, a paralegal, and professional staff assigned by the FBI to assist the Special Counsel’s investigation.
Those “assigned” FBI employees remained under FBI supervision at all times; the matters on which they assisted were supervised by the Special Counsel. 
(Bold mine.)

You do recall that the FBI top officials were shown to be biased and Strzok was fired by Mueller, right? Remember the text messages between Strzok and Page, the married woman with whom he had an affair? Wasn’t he married as well?

Pg 21- FBI personnel who assisted the Office established procedures to identify and convey such information to the FBI. The FBI’s ounterintelligence Division met with the Office regularly for that purpose for most of the Office’s tenure. For more than the past year, the FBI also embedded personnel at the Office who did not work on the Special Counsel’s investigation, but whose purpose was to review the results of the investigation and to send-in
writing-summaries of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence information to FBIHQ and FBI Field Offices. Those communications
and other correspondence between the Office and the FBI contain
information derived from the investigation, not all of which is contained in this Volume.

You getting this yet? This was was supposed to be an “independent investigation”. Considering the fact that the FBI was proven biased and most of the “investigation” focused on the previous FBI “investigation” yet the Mueller “investigation” itself was being dominated by FBI personnel, there is nothing objective or independent about it.

Pg 22- The IRA conducted social media operations targeted at large
U.S. audiences with the goal of sowing discord in the U.S. political system.

“Sowing discord”? Because there was no discord in the US political system before? Or in our society? Has Mueller never heard of the Tea Party? Poverty? Racism? Sexism?

Pg 22- By the end of the 2016 U.S. election, the IRA had the ability to reach millions of U.S . persons through their social media accounts .

Notice the report says they had the “ability to reach millions of US persons”, not that they did reach millions. The fact is, any social media account has the ability to reach millions.

Pg 23- In November 2017, a Facebook representative testified that Facebook
had identified 470 IRA-controlled Facebook accounts that collectively made 80,000 posts between January 2015 and August 2017.
Facebook estimated the IRA reached as many as 126 million persons through its Face book accounts. January 2018, Twitter announced that it had identified 3,814 IRA-controlled Twitter accounts and notified approximately
1 .4 million people Twitter believed may have been in contact with an iRA-controlled account.

Step by step- Just regarding photos, FB has an estimated 300 million photos are uploaded per day. That 136,000 photos per minute. That’s not counting shares, status updates, etc. There are over 2 billion active FB users. There are over 326 million Twitter users globally. If you want the information in the paragraph above placed in percentages with this information, do it yourself.

Pg 34- Collectively , the IRA’s social media accounts reached tens of millions of U.S. persons. Individual IRA social media accounts attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. For example, at the time they were deactivated by Facebook in mid-2017, the IRA’s “United Muslims of America” Facebook group had over 300,000 followers , the “Don’t Shoot Us” Facebook group had
over 250,000 followers, the “Being Patriotic” Facebook group had over 200,000 followers, and the “Secured Borders” Facebook group had over 130,000 followers According to Facebook , in total the IRA-controlled accounts made over 80,000 posts before their deactivation in August 2017,
and these posts reached at least 29 million U.S persons and “may have reached an estimated 126 million people.”

What every one of these pages indicate are actual issues which are supported by Progressives. Not sure about you but I don’t GAF who created the pages. No matter what, there is no evidence offered which verifies who created the pages and in some cases US citizens have stated they were the owners/creators of these pages. Considering that Trump opposes rights of Muslims and BLM, some of these are absolutely not supportive of Trump. Not exactly convincing.

Pg 36 to 37- In January 2018, Twitter publicly identified 3,814 Twitter accounts associated with the IRA. According to Twitter, in the ten weeks before the 2016 U.S. presidential election , these accounts posted approximately 175,993 tweets, “approximately 8.4% of which were election-
related.” Twitter also announced that it had notified approximately
1.4 million people who Twitter believed may have been in contact with an IRA-controlled account.

Yeah, there are an estimated 500 million tweets posted per day. (Half from Trump himself, I’m sure.) Thus, in 10 weeks the total number of tweets posted would be 25 BILLION.

Now, considering 8.4% of the number mentioned comes to less than 15,000 tweets which were election-related. Twitter announced they had NOTIFIED 1.4 million people they BELIEVE MAY have been in contact with an IRA-controlled account. MAY HAVE includes the possibility they may NOT have been in contact with those accounts. If you are a Progressive, you absolutely received one of these notices.

Pg 40- In February 2017, the persona “Black Fist” (purporting to want to teach African-Americans to protect themselves when contacted by law enforcement) hired a self-defense instructor in New York to offer classes sponsored by Black Fist.

February 2017? African-American self defense classes? WTF does this have to do with the election or Trump?

Pg 44- Beginning in March 2016, units of the Russian Federation ‘s Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) hacked the computers and email accounts of organizations , e·mployees , and volunteers supporting the Clinton Campaign, including the email account of campaign chairman John Podesta. Starting in April 2016, the GRU hacked into the computer networks of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The GRU targeted hundreds of email accounts used by Clinton Campaign employees , advisors, and volunteers. In total, the GRU stole hundreds of thousands of documents from the compromised email accounts and networks. The GRU later released stolen Clinton Campaign and DNC documents through online personas, “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0,” and later through the organization WikiLeaks. The release of the documents was designed and timed to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election and undermine the Clinton Campaign.

First, there is still no evidence offered which is verifiable of any hacking at all. Aside from that, RUSSIA DIDN’T WRITE THE EMAILS!!! THE CONTENT IS WHAT MATTERS!!!!!

The timing? Seriously? This report says how one thing or another was released hours after Trump said/tweeted this or that. Considering that the media reported on every single word he spoke/wrote (badly), etc,there was not one single day that a revelation would NOT have had some seeming correlation to Trump.

Pg 44- Separate from this Office ‘s indictment of GRU officers , in October 2018 a grand jury sitting in the Western District of Pennsylvania returned an indictment charging certain members of Unit 26165 with hacking the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and other international
sport associations.

Um, the WADA accusations have been cleared. No evidence has been released regarding the GRU officers. Those charges are all theater. Nobody sane would ever think that Russia would send their intelligence officers to stand trial in the US. Russia did, however, offer to discuss the issue with Mueller via video link. Mueller refused. Something else not mentioned in the report. AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE ELECTION OR OPERATION OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT?!!!!

Pg 45- Officers from Unit 74455 separately hacked computers belonging to state boards of elections, secretaries of state, and U.S. companies that supplied software and other technology related to the administration of U.S. elections.

State election boards were not hacked, they were scanned. In some cases by the DOJ. We know this, it has been admitted and publicly acknowledged. If companies that supply software to election administrations, they really should not be handling our election software because they’re incompetent.

Pg 45- The GRU spearphishing operation enabled it to gain access to numerous email accounts of Clinton Campaign employees and volunteers, including campaign chairman John Podesta , junior volunteers assigned to the Clinton Campaign’s advance team, informal Clinton Campaign advisors,
and a DNC employee. GRU officers stole tens of thousands of emails from
spearphishing victims, including various Clinton Campaign-related communications.

I don’t care who sent the spearphishing emails, these are not people I would want in charge of our national security at any level. HRC was SoS, so she should have had more knowledge of email security than almost anyone in the country, especially with her other scandals. You’d think she would have had her staff trained. Nope! AND ONCE AGAIN, THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN WAS A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION. NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY.

Pg 46- Approximately six days after first hacking into the DCCC network, on April 18, 2016, GRU officers gained access to the DNC network via a virtual private network (VPN) connection between the DCCC and DNC networks.
Between April 18, 2016 and June 8, 2016, Unit 26165 compromised more than 30 computers on the DNC network, including the DNC mail server and
shared file server.

Okay, I’ll give benefit of doubt and say hacking occurred. (I’m still not convinced. Look at the determination of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity and Consortium News.)) However, keep in mind that the DNC and DCCC are private organizations, NOT government agencies!!!!

Pg 48- The Arizona-based AMS Panel also stored thousands of files containing keylogging sessions captured through X-Agent. These sessions were captured as GRU officers monitored DCCC and DNC employees’ work on infected computers regularly between April 2016 and June 2016. Data captured in these key logging sessions included passwords, internal communications
between employees, banking information , and sensitive personal information.

Arizona? Yeah, I’m sure the GRU leased a server in AZ under names traceable to the Russian government. Pg 47 makes reference to server accounts all over the world.

Pg 52- In order to expand its interference in the 20 I 6 U.S. presidential election, the GRU units transferred many of the documents they stole from the DNC and the chairman of the Clinton Campaign to WikiLeaks.
GRU officers used both the DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 personas to communicate with WikiLeaks through Twitter private messaging and through encrypted channels , including possibly through WikiLeaks ‘s private communication system .

Again, no evidence.

Pg 52- WikiLeaks , and particularly its founder Julian Assange, privately expressed opposition to candidate Clinton well before the first release of stolen documents . In November 2015 , Assange wrote to other member s and associates of WikiLeaks that “[w]e believe it would be much better for GOP to win … Dems+Media+liberals woudl [sic] then form a block to reign in their worst qualities. . . .
With Hillary in charge, GOP will be pushing for her worst qualities. ,
dems+media+neoliberals will be mute . …
She’s a bright , well connected, sadisitic sociopath .”

I absolutely agree with his assessment. She is still trying even right now.

Pg 55- The Office cannot rule out that stolen documents were transferred to WikiLeaks through intermediaries who visited during the summer of 2016.

Before this, Mueller drones on for pages trying to implicate DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 as GRU constructs who provided all the information to Wikileaks. Then he writes this single line, which completely negates ALL OF IT!!!!

Pg 56 to 57- Beginning in the summer of 2016 , Assange and WikiLeaks made a number of statements about Seth Rich , a former DNC staff member who was killed in July 2016. The statements about Rich implied falsely that he had been the source of the stolen DNC emails . On August 9, 2016, the @WikiLeaks Twitt er account posted: “ANNOUNCE: WikiLeaks has decided to issue a US$20k reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. “ Likewise, on August 25, 2016, Assange was asked in an interview, “Why are you so interested in Seth Rich’s killer?” and responded , “We’re very interested in anything that might be a threat to
alleged Wikileaks sources. “ The interviewer responded to Assange ‘s statement by commenting , “ I know you don ‘t want to reveal your source, but it certainly sounds like you ‘re suggesting a man who leaked information to WikiLeaks was then murdered.” Assange replied , “If there ‘s someone
who’s potentially connected to our publication , and that person has been murdered in suspicious circumstances, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the two are connected. But it is a very serious matter … that type of allegation is very serious, as it’s taken very seriously by us.”
After the U.S. intelligence community publicly announced its assessment that Russia was behind the hacking operation , Assange continued to deny that the Clinton materials released by WikiLeaks had come from Russian hacking. According to media reports, Assange told a U.S. congressman that the DNC hack was an “inside job,” and purported to have “physical proof ‘ that
Russians did not give materials to Assange.

No evidence that Seth Rich was not the Wikileaks source.

Pg 58- In addition to targeting individuals involved in the Clinton Campaign, GRU officers also targeted individuals and entities involved in the administration of the elections. Victims included U.S. state and local entities, such as state boards of elections (SBOEs), secretaries of state, and 
county governments, as well as individuals who worked for those entities.
The GRU also targeted private technology firms responsible for manufacturing and administering election-related software and hardware, such as voter registration software and electronic polling stations.
The GRU continued to target these victims through the elections in November 2016.
While the investigation identified evidence that the GRU targeted these individuals and entities, the Office did not investigate further.
The Office did not, for instance, obtain or examine servers or other
relevant items belonging to these victims.
The Office understands that the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the states have separately investigated that activity. 
(Bold mine.)

So, while investigating alleged Russian interference into the 2016 election, Mueller did not examine what he claims is physical evidence of interference. You buy this? I have land in FL I’d like to sell you.

Pg 59- Unit 74455 also sent spearphishing emails to public officials involved in election administration and personnel involved in voting technology. In August 2016, GRU officers targeted employees of (redacted) , a voting technology company that developed software used by numerous U.S. counties to manage voter rolls, and installed malware on the company network. Similarly, in November 2016, the GRU sent spearphishing emails to over 120 email accounts used by Florida county officials responsible for administering the 2016 U.S. election.
The spearphishing emails contained an attached Word document coded with malicious software (commonly referred to as a Trojan) that permitted the GRU to access the infected computer.
The FBI was separately responsible for this investigation. We understand the FBI believes that this operation enabled the GRU to gain access to the network of at least one Florida county government. The Office did not independently verify that belief and, as explained above, did not
undertake the investigative steps that would have been necessary to do so.

So, these are the companies and people responsible for our elections? Seriously? And the FBI “believes”? The damn election was 2 1/2 years ago!!!! You’d think they would be sure about things affecting our elections by now! That’s just a little important, seeing all the press, conflict and numerous “investigations” that have ripped this country to pieces since then! More important than Comey or Strzok!

Pg 84- Dvoskin is an executive of Genbank, a large bank with lending focused
in Crimea, Ukraine .

This is not related to Trump but is of special note as to the mentality of Mueller. He officially refers to Crimea as being part of Ukraine, which it is not since the public referendum in 2014 when Crimean citizens overwhelmingly voted to rejoin the Russian Federation.

Realistic Review of The Mueller Report, Pt I

Today, Mueller spoke publicly about his report. Problem is, his statement adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. He said absolutely nothing which is not in the report, which says.. nothing.

I find the timing of Mueller’s public statement to be interesting. The DNC and the media first freaked out because Trump withheld the release of the full report by Executive Order. They screamed and cried that he was hiding something and the full report should be released. Then a few days ago he said he wanted the full report released to the public and what happened? The DNC and the media freaked out.

Trust me, I want to see the full report with all interviews, documents, etc. Do it now, so there is plenty of time to go through it before 2020.

One statement the media is making big noise about is, “There were extensive systemic attempts at obstruction.” He also said he did not have the option to charge Trump with a crime. Both statements are extraordinarily vague. Here’s what his statement does not say: His statement does not say he would have filed criminal charges against Trump if he did have such ability. His statement does not say any attempts at obstruction were conducted by the administration.

I find these omissions extremely problematic. As an experienced lawyer in such a powerful position, I would expect his statements to be far more detailed and accurate. He also made it clear that he would not be making any future public comments, then walked off stage (I mean stage in the literal sense of the word.) without taking any questions which would have clarified his vague comments.

So, I have promised a detailed evaluation of the Mueller report, all 448 pages of it. I’m not done with it yet but so far it is even more vague and contrived as his statement today, about as substantive and worse than I expected, seeing that he and the FBI agents involved have had nearly 2 years to fabricate something more convincing. I will continue working my way through the report and should have the full series done in a few days.

What I will omit are statements which are repetitive comments, which are many. I will also omit many statements from the report which are pure opinion of no consequence. In each and every case I have read so far, he offers no evidence to back up his conclusions. It should be obvious that not everything he “investigated” is “classified”. Some level of the information would not be classified but none is offered.

This will have to be a multi-part series because I want to offer not just my conclusions and comments but the actual text from the report. In each case, I am posting the PDF page numbers of the Mueller report. Aside from highlighting some sections in bold, I have made absolutely no alterations to the original text. Oh, I am wrong. I corrected some spelling errors in the official government report which annoyed me.

Of course, I do have my own comments after many excerpts. My own comments are in bold.

Pg 6- In June, the Democratic National Committee and its cyber response team publicly announced that Russian hackers had compromised its computer network. Releases of hacked materials-hacks that public reporting soon attributed to the Russian government-began that same month.

Public reporting is his evidence?!!

Pg 10- the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

Pg 10- the investigation established that certain actions or events
occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts. (Bold mine.)

That is the purpose of an “investigation”!!! To determine that there is evidence to confirm facts!!!!!

Pg 10- We applied the term coordination in that sense when stating in the report that the investigation did not establish that the Trump Campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.

Pg 11- (partly redacted) The Internet Research Agency (IRA) carried out the earliest Russian interference operations identified by the investigation — a social media campaign designed to provoke and amplify political and social discord in the United States. The IRA was based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and received funding from Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin and companies he
controlled. Prigozhin is widely reported to have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin

“Widely reported” does not establish fact. “Social discord”? Because….?

Pg 13- 2015. Some of the earliest contacts were made in connection with a Trump Organization real-estate project in Russia known as Trump Tower Moscow. Candidate Trump signed a Letter of lntent for Trump Tower Moscow by November 2015, and in January 2016 Trump Organization executive Michael Cohen emailed and spoke about the project with the office of Russian
government press secretary Dmitry Peskov. The Trump Organization pursued the project through at least June 2016, including by considering travel to Russia by Cohen and candidate Trump.

Hotel was never built, travel never occurred. There’s no actual evidence Cohen spoke with Peskov, only low level office workers relating to foreign-owned investment or construction. Peskov never publicly mentioned anything about it.

Pg 13- Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos made early contact with Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor who had connections to Russia and traveled to Moscow in April 2016.

What the hell are “connections to Russia”? Any sewer worker in Russia has “ties to Russia”!! You fucking live in the US. By this terminology, YOU have “ties to the US”!!! That doesn’t mean anything!!!

Pg 14- Throughout that period of time and for several months thereafter, Papadopoulos worked with Mifsud and two Russian nationals to arrange a meeting between the Campaign and the Russian government. No meeting took place.

Pg 14- The written communications setting up the meeting showed that the Campaign anticipated receiving information from Russia that could assist
candidate Trump’s electoral prospects, but the Russian lawyer ‘s presentation did not provide such information.

Compare to the Steele Dossier, paid for by the DNC, Hillary campaign and later further paid for by the FBI. This is never mentioned in the Mueller report. In addition, the lawyer was not allowed into the country two weeks before this meeting took place. Suddenly that restriction was lifted with no explanation offered to this date.

Pg 14- Days after the June 9 meeting, on June 14, 2016, a cybersecurity firm and the DNC announced that Russian government hackers had infiltrated the DNC and obtained access to opposition research on candidate Trump, among other documents.

This would be Crowdstrike. To date, no government agency has ever examined the FBI servers, only the private firm hired and paid by the DNC. Crowdstrike has been discredited on several occasions, including issuing a report that Ukrainian artillery had been hacked by Russia. They were forced to retract that report when the Ukrainian military said there was no truth to it.

Pg 14- In July 2016 , Campaign foreign policy advisor Carter Page traveled in his personal capacity to Moscow and gave the keynote address at the New Economic School. Page had lived and worked in Russia between 2003 and 2007 . After returning to the United States, Page became acquainted with at least two Russian intelligence officers, one of whom was later charged in 2015 with conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of Russia . Page ‘s July 2016 trip to Moscow and his advocacy for pro-Russian foreign policy drew media attention . The Campaign then distanced itself from Page and, by late September 2016, removed him from the Campaign.

Mueller omits the fact that Carter Page was revealed to have worked asan FBI asset, helping to catch Russian intelligence agents during the time frame described.

Pg 14- Within days, there was public reporting that U.S. intelligence agencies had “high confidence” that the Russian government was behind the theft of
emails and documents from the DNC.

Since when is “public reporting” evidence of anything?Alex Jones reports publicly. And “high confidence” was the same terminology used by Clapper and Mueller stating that Iraq had WMD’s.

Pg 15- Manafort had caused internal polling data to be shared with Kilimnik,
and the sharing continued for some period of time after their August meeting.

Polling data? Actually it was not internal polling data, it was simply polling data. Even if internal, how the hell is sharing polling data a crime? And what Kilimnik/Manafort were discussing involved Ukraine becoming part of NATO. That’s not handing any power to Russia. Manafort was representing Western interests.

Pg 15- Immediately after the November 8 election , Russian government
officials and prominent Russian businessmen began trying to make inroads into the new administration.
The most senior levels of the Russian government encouraged these efforts. The Russian Embassy made contact hours after the election to congratulate the President-Elect and to arrange a call with President Putin. Several Russian businessmen picked up the effort from there.

Yeah, this is a process called diplomacy.

Pg 15- Kirill Dmitriev, the chief executive officer of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, was among the Russians who tried to make contact with the incoming administration.
In early December , a business associate steered Dmitriev to Erik Prince, a supporter of the Trump Campaign and an associate of senior Trump advisor Steve Bannon. Dmitriev and Prince later met face-to-face in January 2017 in the Seychelles and discussed U.S.-Russia relations.
During the same period , another business associate introduced Dmitriev to a friend of Jared Kushner who had not served on the Campaign or the Transition Team. Dmitriev and Kushner’s friend collaborated on a short
written reconciliation plan for the United States and Russia, which Dmitriev implied had been cleared through Putin.
The friend gave that proposal to Kushner before the inauguration , and
Kushner later gave copies to Bannon and incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Again, diplomacy.

Pg 15- On December 29, 2016, then-President Obama imposed sanctions on Russia for having interfered in the election.
Incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn called Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and asked Russia not to escalate the situation in response to the sanctions. The following day, Putin announced that Russia would not take retaliatory measures in response to the sanctions at that time. Hours later, President-Elect Trump tweeted, “Great move on delay (by V. Putin).” The next day, on December 31, 2016, Kislyak called Flynn and told him the request had been received at the highest levels and Russia had chosen not to retaliate as a result of Flynn’s request.

Again, diplomacy.

Pg 17- Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about his interactions with Russian Ambassador Kislyak during the transition period.

The transition period is after the election. It had nothing to do with the election or campaign.

Pg 18- The Office investigated several other events that have been publicly reported to involve potential Russia-related contacts.
For example, the investigation established that interactions between Russian Ambassador Kislyak and Trump Campaign officials both at the candidate’s April 2016 foreign policy speech in Washington, D.C., and during the week of the Republican National Convention were brief, public, and non-substantive.
And the investigation did not establish that one Campaign official’s efforts to dilute a portion of the Republican Party platform on providing assistance to Ukraine were undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia.
The investigation also did not establish that a meeting between Kislyak and Sessions in September 2016 at Sessions’s Senate office included any more than a passing mention of the presidential campaign. (Bold mine.)

Pg 20- (Mueller was empowered to investigate) ..allegations that Papadopoulos committed a crime or crimes by acting as an unregistered agent of the Israeli government..

Israeli government? Yes, definitely a crime but WTF does that have to do with Russia?!!

This is as far as I will go with part one of this series. For many, this will obviously not be enough. Besides, I want to be thorough with this and not have anyone claim I left out anything important. So, I will be posting part 2 as soon as I can. Keep in mind, Part 1 has only gone up to page 20. I do slow down after a point because, as I said before, the report is highly repetitive.

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Why Trump is NOT Guilty of Obstruction of Justice

The focus since the Mueller report came out is claiming Trump in some way obstructed justice. Just as the Mueller investigation was seeking “collusion”, now they are seeking “obstruction”.

Legally speaking, this will not work. If you think it will, you have been propagandized and know nothing about the law.

For a person to be guilty of obstructing a criminal investigation, the very first criteria for that charge would be that a known crime had been committed. This is not the case in the Mueller probe. The entire point of the Mueller probe was an investigation in search of a crime.

I have pointed out on numerous occasions that there was never a known crime which sparked the Mueller probe. There were claims by biased FBI agents and the DNC. There was no evidence. Since the Mueller probe began, several FBI agents were forced to resign or were fired in disgrace. Including Strzok, who was fired from the Mueller probe first and later from the FBI itself. And if you think his infantile display was in any way heroic, there’s something seriously wrong in your head. He was defending the illegal obtaining of FISA warrants under false pretenses and the right to do so. Is that really what you want our federal government to be doing? What if it were turned around and used on someone you liked? Would your view be the same?

Here I will point out something else I have repeatedly pointed out before- The DNC is not a government agency. It is a private organization. They used that defense in court when accused of fraud. The FBI never examined the DNC servers. Neither did any of three “investigations”- House, Senate and Special Counsel. All claims relied on information from Crowdstrike, a private IT firm hired and paid for by the DNC. A firm that has been discredited on numerous occasions, including for the claim that Russia hacked artillery in Ukraine. The shame was revealed when the Ukrainian government said there was no truth to it.

It has been proven that the FISA warrants relied almost entirely on the Steele Dossier, which was paid for by the DNC and then paid for more by the FBI with your tax dollars. Nothing in the dossier was ever verified and therefore is not evidence of anything except for DNC collusion with a foreign agent who was working with Russian government insiders (in other words, the Kremlin) to obtain information damaging to a presidential candidate at the time. Money changed hands. We know this. It is documented. By Mueller. The FISA warrants were falsely obtained. We know this. It is documented. By Mueller. The alleged information was intended to help one candidate, Hillary. We know this. It is documented. By Mueller.

Still want the unredacted Mueller report released? I do. I want every last scrap of evidence, every document, every interview released. Not just the 400 page summary. I want all of it.

In addition, Trump never stopped Mueller from investigating. We endured 18 months of claims that trump would fire Mueller. He never did, never said he would, never said he had any such intent. We had theatrics of numerous petitions to “save Mueller”. We had theatrics of the Democrats claiming to “defend Mueller”. Defend him from things which there was no danger of occurring.

Now the Mueller report states that there is no evidence of collusion. You would think it would end there but no.

What we have is the DNC trying to claim Trump obstructed a probe which he did not obstruct into a nonexistent crime which never happened into claims he committed acts which that very probe exonerate him of.

Basically this is the equivalent of charging a person for resisting arrest when they are being arrested for a crime which never happened, that there was no evidence for and while they were not resisting. Just because someone wants them charged with something.

Last thing I will repeat yet again. None of this means I support Trump. I do not and never have. I am not defending Trump, I am defending justice, itself. I am fully cognizant of how these tactics being used against him can be turned around and used in reverse.

I am also fully aware that this entire show is intended to distract from the fact that the DNC is just as right wing as the RNC. They are both slaves to corporate power and are not opposing anything the Republicans are doing to strip us of our rights. The Dems use nicer words while conducting the exact same atrocities.

You want to “Resist”? Then get off your tail, start getting informed and start calling elected officials, writing letters and attending protests to demand Progressive policies. Universal healthcare, increased wages, UBI, ending wars, humanistic immigration reform, increasing taxes on the rich, universal adult education, increased education funding, closing down charter schools, fighting systemic prejudice, breaking up big banks, restore Glass-Steagall, police reform and on and on and on… Those things would be defending your country. Those things would be patriotic. Those things would be rational. Those things would be enduring.

What you are doing to push this Russiagate/Obstruction BS is not going to help us. It is not going to help anyone but the power elite. If you think the media has your interests at heart, you’re dead wrong. If they win this, they have proven they can manipulate you. Turn off corporate media.

If you are not part of the solution, then you are the problem.

Then what?

The Mueller report is completed. It is clear that it states there was no “collusion”. None of that means that MSM, Hillbots and Blew No Matter Who cultists are going to stop screaming for more investigations into investigations that investigated investigations in the hopes of finding some hidden tidbit which Mueller and a whole team of people missed in 2 years.

Of course, the whole point of this is because they want to impeach Trump. However, if you ask them what should happen after that, you can never get a clear answer. Point out that then Pence becomes president, they scream, “Get rid of him too!” Okay, let’s say that happens. Then what?

If you got rid of Trump and Pence and the entire cabinet, none of that means the next election somes any sooner. Not even MSM wants that to happen. The campaigns stand to make too much money over the next 19 months or so. MSM will make literally billions from corporate PACs and campaign ads in that time frame. You think they want to give any of that up?

So, what would happen? Who replaces them? The chain of succession says the third person in line right now would be Nancy Pelosi.

Go ahead and call yourself a Progressive and say you want Pelosi in office. I dare you. If Pelosi took office, then what? What happens with the 2020 election? What does she do while in office?

This is all aside from the fact that removing an entire administration negates any claim of any form of democracy.

In no way does this mean that I endorse, defend or support Trump. I support the truth. I support human rights. I support awareness, which Russiagate has been and remains a detriment to.

As long as MSM and the DNC are spouting inane rhetoric about Russiagate, they are using it as a smokescreen to avoid discussing real issues which affect real lives. They have been using this smokescreen since 2016. Hillary used Russia and “But Trump!” as her campaign platform. During the 2018 midterms, the Democrats used Russia and “Resistance” as their party platform. Then the day after the midterms, Pelosi started talking about pursuing a “bipartisan agenda”. Just a few weeks ago, when it became clear Mueller was wrapping up, Pelosi said she would not pursue impeachment because “It’s just not worth it”.

On that, she was correct. With Russiagate dead, the efforts to impeach Trump would have to start all over from a different angle. Even if successful, then we would have Pence as president, for whom no rationale for impeachment has begun at all. So that would take years and would distract from presidential campaigns, along with more distractions from the issues which affect us all.

The Democrats have an important opportunity here which they are not only wasting but openly opposing. Most Americans support Medicare For All, while the Dims continue pushing the ACA. Republicans are not going to even suggest Medicare For All and would fight it ferociously. Most Americans are against any more wars. Yet it is appearing as though more Republicans than Democrats want to end at least some of our wars. Both parties are in favor of invading Venezuela. A majority of Americans support legalizing cannabis. The Democrats could adopt this as part of their party platform. If they were not in the pockets of major pharmaceutical companies which oppose legalization.

I’ve read other writers who have said Russiagate and the Mueller report have been a gift to Trump. I agree. Now and through 2020, he will now be seen as an underdog who has been wrongly attacked by the very Establishment and Deep State which the 2016 election was all about opposing for many millions of Americans. He may actually gain support as what he has claimed is shown true. Now that the Mueller report is completed, the attacks continue. “Wait for the full report!” Barr already said that will be released in redacted form by mid-April, so only 2 weeks from now.

What then? When the full report says exactly what Barr said it would say, what then? Can we stop pointing fingers, stop seeking blame and start seeking solutions? Then can we start making amends with Russia? Can we talk about the issues I mention above? Can we increase wages? Can we tax the rich so they pay their fair share? Can we start building bridges and stop building bombs? Can we stop sanctioning other countries? Can we improve public transportation? Expand renewable energy?

If we cannot use this momentum to start working on positives instead of staying in a cycle of one party against another while both parties stab us in the back for their corporate, warmongering owners..

Then what?

What Would Russia Gain From Election Interference?

This is something I have covered before but it is worth reviewing again seeing that the Mueller investigation has ended. No Trump/Russia “collusion” was found, yet even Mueller keeps touting the story that Russia somehow interfered in the 2016 election.

Let’s remember here that Mueller is also one of those who claimed that there were WMD’s in Iraq, testifying before CONgress to that effect. It is obvious that he is a nationalist who supports the concept of the American Empire and will advance any idea which promotes that concept.

The only evidence of any Russian “interference” has involved a handful of internet trolls who were not advancing any specific candidate at all but scamming for money. Even that they did poorly. The amount of money they spent was roughly $100,000, half of which was after the election. They promoted Bernie coloring books, organized a rally for Hillary to which 8 people and a dog showed up (about on par for a Hillary rally, really) and a large percentage of their ads or posts had nothing to do with any candidate. This amount of money was spent in an election where just the top final 2 candidates spent nearly $2 billion. To put this in perspective, for every $1 spent by the internet trolls, the 2 candidates spent $2000. And that does not even count how much was spent by PACs in favor of those candidates.Plus consider that the internet trolls had no actual connection to the Russian government.

Mueller filed charges against the trolls in federal court. What he did not expect was that they had legal representation show up for the case. When the defense lawyers requested discovery of evidence, Mueller’s team attempted to refuse, claiming the information being used against the defendants was classified. The judge ruled against Mueller’s team, stating discovery was mandatory. This would be tantamount to a kangaroo court.

“How do you respond to the charges against you?”

What are the charges?

“You’re not allowed to know that! Now, how do you respond?”

I really don’t know.

“We have evidence!”

What evidence?

“You’re not allowed to know that!”

That was the last I heard of that case. It’s obvious no convictions have been obtained because it would have been front page on every MSM source the same day and still promoted today as Mueller has ended his probe.

None of that is the main point I am getting to here. The main point is that Russia has had nothing to gain by interfering in our election. Russiagaters from top to bottom use vague accusations and common arguments which hold no water at all. Such as:

Ending sanctions. No country wants sanctions which limit their trade. However, the sanctions which have been levied against Russia have done more harm to prior trading partners with Russia than they have to Russia. In the process of dealing with sanctions, Russia has developed industries which were not well developed in their country before the sanctions. They are now a leading oil and gas producer and the world’s largest grain exporter. All non-GMO.

To expand trade. Russia has been expanding trade for years. They have signed trade agreements with Japan, China, Europe and South American countries. The EU is primarily in favor of buying oil and gas from Russia, rather than paying higher prices for US oil and gas, which would be a less secure supply in certain seasons. Tankers can’t sail when there are massive storms in the Atlantic. Russia solves that problem with pipelines running directly into Germany.

To benefit their economy. Along with expanding trade, Russia has managed their economy far better than the US has in recent years. Their debt to GDP is less than 14%, our is currently 108% and rising. Think of debt to GDP as a ratio of household debt to income, the higher the number, the worse off you are. Russia has announced a budget surplus for the past two years and paid off the last of their national debt in 2017. Compare that to our $22 trillion national debt, which is the highest of any nation in history and accounts for over 1/3 of all global debt.

It is the US trying to benefit our economy by political, economic and military force. This is largely to preserve the petrodollar system which is failing as more countries continue turning away from the dollar. Other countries were once forced to convert their own currency into US dollars to purchase oil anywhere in the world. Now oil is being bought and sold in Chinese Yuan, Euros and Rubles. Other countries are also selling off US Treasury bonds but there is no way to force countries to purchase those. If it were possible, you could count on our government threatening an invasion of various countries.

For military dominance. Russia has 8 military bases outside of their own country. The US has at least 800. That’s a ratio of 100:1. Russia spends less than 6% of what the US does on military budgeting.

I have also pointed out on numerous occasions that our official military budget is an illusion. If it were accurate, it would include funding for CIA, NSA, FBI, upgrading existing nukes and VA funding. When you add those to the official US military budget, we spend more on “defense” than every other country on earth combined.

Guess which country has universal healthcare and which does not?

To sow discord. Really? Really? You’ve been watching too much reality TV. You also have not been paying any attention to what has been happening in this country for decades. Even if there were any truth to this, other countries did not create the problems in the US. Our problems have been here for years, decades, even centuries. Income inequality, poverty, racism, sexism, religious prejudice, poor public education, lack of access to healthcare and on and on. By discussing these issues, we have a chance of doing something about the problems instead of denying they exist. If you think we had unity before Trump came along, you’ve had your head up your ass so long you have no idea what sunlight looks like. Now try and explain to me exactly how it profits Russia to sow discord in our society. For them to get us to focus on our own problems and give us the opposrtunity to DO something about those problems? How the HELL does Russia benefit from that?!!!

So where does any of this go? If the Russiagate frenzy continues, where do you expect it to lead? Does it fix any of the real problems we have in this country? Does it offer any chance of world peace? Does it lead to decreased military spending by the US? Does it increase wages? Improve our economy? Fix our election system? Or does it continue on a path to warfare with multiple nuclear powers? More military spending? More conflict with allies? More resources stripped away from social support programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security?

Think for yourself. Stop thinking in terms of your addiction to hate, fear, anger and ignorance. The media does nothing but act as the advertising wing of the military industrial complex (MIC). Mueller acts as a spokesperson for the MIC. Rachel Maddow gets paid $30,000 a day to promote war, nothing else. Turn off network and cable news. Stop paying attention to all corporate news sources. Stop looking for a boogeyman under your bed and start paying attention to what is really happening.

If you are not part of the solution, then you are the problem.

Mueller Probe Is Over!! Now, Let’s Talk About Julian Assange

The Mueller probe is finally at an end. Predictably, it comes to nothing related to the special counsel powers granted to Mueller in the first place.

Contrary to the beliefs of rabid Russiagaters, no convictions have resulted from anything related to any “Russian collusion”. Every conviction has been related to regular DC corruption. Lobbying, tax fraud and lying. In some cases, the lies were told after the election. Many of the indictments were pure theater, which I pointed out at the time. Seriously? Indicting Intelligence officials of another country in US court while refusing to divulge “evidence”? How was that anything but theater?

Original authorization. If you ever actually read the authorization which enacted the special counsel, you would know it was biased in the wording from the very beginning. It specifically states authorization to investigate “any links and/or coordination bet ween the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump”. Notice that it precludes any connection to any other candidate.

I’m not going back over the whole process. It’s over and not worth it. It’s just more than a little interesting that the Clintons made money directly from Uranium One, which directly implicated Mueller and handed 20% of uranium processing to Russian interests. Uranium One was also proven to involve bribery, coercion, unaccounted for uranium shipments and more. While Mueller signed off on the intelligence approval required for Uranium One.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Declassification. Now the Democrats are calling for the full declassification of the Mueller report. More than a little amusing, since it was the Democrats who opposed the release and declassification of the text messages between FBI officials which revealed bias in the FBI investigation.

I am fully in favor of the declassification and release of the full report with all supporting documents and video/voice recordings. No FOIA requests necessary, release it for everyone globally to download and access. Allow independent media to examine the whole thing.

Mueller now crucified. For the last two years we have listened to MSM and centrist neoliberals screaming, “Wait for the Mueller report!” and “Protect Mueller! Don’t let Trump fire Mueller!” Now that Mueller has released his report, the cries have changed to accusing Mueller, claiming Mueller has been compromised by Russia. So Saint Mueller has now become a demon in their eyes.

More investigations. We already had a House investigation and a Senate investigation and each one came to the conclusion that there was no evidence of Trump/Russia “collusion”. Keep in mind that the Mueller investigation examined the FBI investigation into this subject. Not long ago I noted that the Democrats, before the Mueller report was even released, announced 17 investigations into the information contained in the Mueller report! So what happens when those 17 “investigations” do not come up with the results they want? Will we then accuse everyone involved in every one of those investigations? So, will we have investigations into each of the 17 investigations which investigated the Mueller investigation which investigated the FBI investigation?

Russiagate is not benign. I wrote a piece not long ago about how harmful Russiagate has been. You can read the long version here. In brief, Russiagate has led to a massive $100 billion increase in defense spending in just two years. It has led to censorship of independent media, which has been basically the only media contradicting the Russia narrative, especially on the left. In all cases, any anti-war voices have been demonized and attacked. It has led to increased US military presence on the Russian border and attempts to block Russian shipping routes. It has led to false accusations against any candidates who promote Progressive policies such as Medicare For All, decreasing military spending, ending wars or supporting Black Lives Matter as being Russian stooges/agents/trolls..

Nothing but a diversion. The effect of Russiagate on the functioning of our government has been tragic. So much effort and rhetoric has been exerted pushing Russiagate that virtually nothing else has been done. If elected officials are spending all their time on this, not talking about anything else, accusing anyone who opposes their narrative of being a Russian troll, what gets done? Or rather, what gets done that we want done?

No electoral changes. Notice that with all the accusations of Russian interference, claims of hacking, etc that we have not seen any effective changes in our electoral process as a result? No mandatory paper trails. No changes in software or processes to eliminate chances of hacking. No changes to campaign finance. The few changes we have seen have the express purpose of insuring that the DNC favorite, the Establishment candidate for president will be the DNC nominee.

Julian Assange. For all the claims put forward by the DNC about Russian “interference” in our election, nothing stands out like the attacks on Julian Assange. The claims from day one have been that Assange colluded with Russia, who hacked the DNC servers. There has been no evidence at any point to this effect. No financial ties between Wikileaks and Russia have been demonstrated. Most importantly, none of the four “investigations” have ever directly examined or subpoenaed the DNC servers. The four “investigations” include FBI, House, Senate and special counsel. Every single one of them relied on information relayed by Crowdstrike, a firm hired and paid by the DNC. Crowdstrike has also been discredited on more than one occasion, including making the claim that Russia hacked artillery in Ukraine, which was refuted by the Ukrainian military. The big question here is, when does an “investigation” not look at the alleged crime scene? When does a criminal investigation rely entirely on “evidence” obtained by a private firm paid for by the accuser?

The DNC is not a government entity. The DNC is a private organization, not a government agency. They used that fact as a defense in court in the DNC Fraud lawsuit. This means their internal emails are not subject to FOIA requests. They can keep their emails and documents private forever. They are funded privately, they operate in any way they choose. They are not required to offer a fair primary process, even though taxpayers fund the primaries. In addition, because the DNC is a private organization, an attack on the DNC is NOT a risk to national security. There was absolutely NO information in any of the DNC emails which was or could be deemed classified by the US government. Information of private entities CANNOT be deemed classified. ESPECIALLY when it is handed off for management by a private company.

Hacking debunked. The alleged hacking of the DNC has been debunked by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), a group of former government Intelligence professionals who have analyzed the data transfer rate and determined that it was too fast to have been transferred over any existing internet protocol. The data obtained in the DNC breach could only have been transferred locally to a storage device, such as a thumb drive. Which proves the DNC breach was an internal leak, not a hack.

Back to Assange. No, I did not go off on a tangent. This all comes together. The conclusion of the information above means several things.

1- Because the breach was an internal leak, not a hack, it shows Assange gained information from an American source internal to the DNC.

2- Because the DNC is a private organization, it means the government was not breached. Only an organization that considers itself not beholding to the democratic process, beyond questioning, beyond investigation, beyond criminal charges.

3- It should be obvious that Trump has no connection to Assange, as it has been revealed that it is the Trump DOJ which has a previously secret indictment of Assange, with collusion with the British government for extradition to the US for trial.

4- The internal leak information shows clearly that Wikileaks did not hack the DNC but obtained information from an external source.

5- None of the emails were debunked. The DNC tried claiming that the emails were fabricated. Tens of thousands of emails, with metadata included. Then claimed they were hacked. If someone were to fabricate emails, why would they bother to hack anything? The emails were real, they were accurate. They revealed what the DNC did to rig an election. Russia didn’t write the emails.

6- Because Obama, Hillary and Trump have all attacked Assange, it reveals that they are all on the same page. They fear transparency and will fight it by any means possible.

An attack on journalism. The attack on Assange is an attack on actual journalism. It is an attack on freedom of the press. It is an attack on whistle blowers. It is an attack on every single one of us. On our right to know what our government is doing. It is an attack on knowledge itself.

The end of the Mueller investigation should mean an end to the attacks on Assange. Though we know that is not going to happen. And we all suffer for it.