Why Do You Support Israel, Again?

This article is aimed at the religious fanatics who support Israel against Palestine. Yes, they are fanatics and there is no other description for it. Yes, you can be offended but not for long.

The reason so many people in the US claim to support Israel is because they believe in a quote from the Bible stating that whomever turns against Israel will be then ignored by God. The claims are fairly vague and there is no direct specific quote to offer.

Even if there were a direct quote, this is where the claims run into very big problems.

Let’s assume that their beliefs are true. What, exactly, does it mean to turn against “Israel”? While the Bible speaks to specific events in geographic areas, the term “Israel” is more problematic for the modern interpretation. In biblical terms, “Israel” is not a geographic location but a people. The blood descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel originating with King David.

Now, modern Christians in the US define this as meaning Jewish people. However, Judaism is a religion which has spanned the globe over centuries. Yet when one studies the Quran, they find that Islam has many of the same legend as Judaism, with the same characters and lineage. In fact, today’s Muslims in Palestine and (at least western) Syria, Jordan and other Middle Eastern nations share the same historical heritage as those in Israel. The Quran even mentions Jesus a total of 25 times. While they do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Quran states Jesus will return and battle what we interpret as the “Antichrist” and save the Muslims, not just the Christians.

Then we run into other problems. For one, Israel did not exist as a nation with geographic boundary until 1948. It is a political construct created not by the Middle Eastern culture but by western governments, mostly UK and US. Many of the current residents of Israel were European Jews who migrated to the area after WWII. While they descended from bloodlines originating in the Middle East, while in Europe for centuries, the bloodlines became mixed with other bloodlines.

During the same centuries, the Palestinians and others in that region remained in that immediate area, generation after generation without significant external DNA being introduced.

Today, we often hear the term “semitic” as pertaining to the believers in the Jewish religion. This is a distorted definition. The actual definition, according to Merriam-Webster is: “of, relating to, or constituting a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic language family that includes Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, and Amharic”. They have added the definition of “Jewish” but that is the last meaning, not the primary and many scholars do not recognize it. So, what it truly pertains to is a bloodline, a race of people. The exact same people that descended from the original 12 Davidic tribes.

In addition to common sense, DNA blood tests have shown clearly that Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians and some Arab tribes have DNA far closer to the original semitic blood line than many modern Israelis do.

Let me repeat that. The Palestinians are closer by blood to the Davidic bloodline than modern Israelis are on average.

So, while the residents of the modern political construct of Israel attempt to portray themselves as being the true Davidic peoples, this is the opposite of the truth.

What this means is that the modern state of Israel, while conducting genocide and war against the people of Palestine and Syria, among other states in the region, they are literally waging war AGAINST the TRUE Israelis as defined in biblical terms.

I have pointed out in the past that Israel has at some point attacked every single neighbor in the immediate area to them. While they claim other nations had plans (no actions, just alleged plans) to invade them, no proof was ever offered. In recent years declassified documents have revealed clearly that no such plans ever existed. Yet Israel has invaded Egypt, Syria (still illegally occupying the Golan Heights), Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon, not to mention to the illegal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, violating treaty lines with their housing colonies.

In addition, they once attacked a US ship, the USS Liberty. Declassified documents have proven that Israel was fully aware that this was a US vessel before the attack ever occurred.

Israel has not been invaded by the forces of any other nation since 1949. No effort has been made to invade Israel since that time. Thus their claims of self defense make no sense at all.

Have you noticed that terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have NEVER attacked Israel?

At this moment, Israel is making serious attempts to start a US coalition war with Iran, who has not invaded another country since 1798. Keep in mind that Iran has had a large Jewish population for thousands of years. Today Iran houses the second largest Jewish population in the Middle East, second only to Israel. The majority of that Jewish population have never left the continent and so likely have a much more direct Davidian bloodline and tradition than the Israeli population.

Every government in the UN has formally or informally recognized Palestine as a nation. Except two governments- Israel and the US.

What does all this mean to the religious fanatics, especially alleged Christians? It means that every aspect of their support for Israel goes directly against their claimed belief systems. What they support is the systematic torture and genocide of innocent civilians with little ability to defend themselves. These fanatics support theft, illegal occupation, denial of clean water, inadequate access to food and medicine or medical care, theft of resources and the outright murder of children. All being waged against the actual blood descendants of the original Davidian tribes. Keep in mind that the Temple is supposed to be shared occupancy between Israel and Palestine. Yet Israel is denying Palestinian access to the Temple.

The Christian Bible states that Armageddon will be initiated by a false prophet who leads a coalition of nations against Israel. However, that means the biblical Israel, not the political construct Israel. The political construct of modern Israel is building a coalition and taking steps which will certainly result in a backlash which will lead to the fall of both the biblical and modern Israel, which will likely include the destruction of the Temple.

Jewish people do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. Muslims, who share many of the same belief systems, do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. Yet Muslims also share some beliefs with Christianity, including that Jesus will fight against the Antichrist on the SAME side as Muslims. So, NO, Islam and Christianity are NOT opposing religions.

Ultimately, by supporting the modern political construct being called Israel, the western religious fanatics have turned their backs on the true biblical Israel and support a murderous, despotic, invasive, ungodly, warmongering regime. They have turned their backs on the teachings of their religion regarding peace, humility, selflessness, forgiveness and truth. They have closed their eyes to the suffering, death and atrocities they support. By their own belief system, they have turned their backs on their own God and consciously, intentionally chosen to follow false prophets. Which means their God will turn his back on them. For good reason.

Nobody Is Trying To Turn Your Children (Or Frogs) Gay

I am a heterosexual male. I am also secure in who I am, so if someone else is LGBTQ it does not threaten my orientation or self image in any way. Over the years, I have had many friends who had other orientations than myself. I cared about them no differently than my straight friends. None of that matters because we are all human.

The literal fact of the matter is that most of the LGBTQ people I have known through my life have had more compassion for the oppressed across all racial, gender, religious and socioeconomic barriers than the average straight person. Probably because they know what oppression and judgment feel like from the other side.

Of course, this mystifies me even more when I encounter women and minorities who hold negative judgments and opinions regarding alternate sexual orientations or identities. They should have an understanding of oppression and false, unfair judgment.

The biggest factor affecting opinions about orientation is religion. Christians in this country (not all countries) are the most prevalent in number. Interesting how they tend to ignore the teachings regarding loving your neighbor, loving your enemy, treating others as you would wish to be treated and not judging others. No, just ignore all of that because it’s inconvenient to their own insecurities, prejudices and hatred. Because that’s what Jesus would do. Yes, I feel comfortable in judging their hypocrisy because I am not a religious person. I actually do treat others as I would wish to be treated, I do care about my neighbors, even if I don’t like them, even if I don’t know them. Cannot say I love my enemies but I do try and understand their perspective.

Take a step back and consider why religions teach against homosexuality. The purpose of such teachings is propagation of that religion. One religion attempting to expand the number of believers in that particular religion. Those religions also advocate teaching your own beliefs to your children from a very young age, indoctrination from birth onward. The same religions are also against abortion and birth control in modern times. This is social engineering in it’s most blatant form. It is mind control combined with actual control of your body. It is subjugating to women, who the religion basically teaches should be barefoot and pregnant. That a woman has virtually no purpose other than procreation. The more children your birth, the more “blessed” you are. Do you really think such teachings come from God? Or from the twisted minds of the interpreters of those teachings?

It is a fact that more young people are leaving churches. They may adopt other religions which are more accepting of who they are or eschew religion completely. In the process, many are becoming in their attitudes and behaviors more Christian than the Christians are. Loving their neighbors, less likely to judge, treating others as they wish to be treated. They are also more prone to Socialist ideals, such as healing the sick, helping the poor and opposing war. They are also tending to reject consumerism and materialism. Like it or not, Jesus was a Middle Eastern, dark skinned, anti-materialist Socialist. It is the ultimate in irony that to display Christian behavior, they must leave Christianity.

Some religious people bemoan that “alternative” sexual orientations and identities are becoming more common and openly displayed. They claim that children are being “taught” to be homosexual. No, this is not the case. These things have always been with us but hidden, kept secret, oppressed. Those that were “found out” were ostracized, rejected, isolated, punished harshly, killed.

What is happening today is that young people are more comfortable exploring their own personalities, choosing their paths, feeling more accepted, comfortable being who they really are. They have less fear of being judged or punished. It is easier to find caring, loving partners of the same orientation and friends who accept who they are without trying to change them.

Now, while I fully support anyone’s orientation, that does not mean I support graphic exhibitionism. That is a very different issue and is inappropriate for the general public. If you want to engage in exhibitionism, keep it in venues where consenting adults are your audience. Besides, exhibitionism is completely apart from gender identity or orientation. Straight people can be exhibitionists and probably are far more common. Think about all the nude scenes in movies, strippers, etc. Shock value does more harm than good, leading to negative and untrue stereotypes of the LGBTQ community.

Aside from that singular issue, do not try and convince me that the LGBTQ community is attempting to recruit or convert young people. You can suggest that when you see a large number of memes or statements which amount to “God hates straights”. Or when there are legal, state-approved programs to torture straight people to change their orientation. Maybe when you hear of churches evict members of their congregations because of straight orientation. Not before and not until these things become common will I listen to any of it.