Welcome To Issues Unite!

  So many today struggle to find their way between false information, propaganda, various agendas, screaming media intent on selling fear, anger, division, making you feel powerless. 

Then you have the cults and cult leaders, always seeking to “win” without any definition of winning. One thing is sure, it’s not you that wins. 

So, we have to find our way between all of this. Learn how to tell the difference between reality and falsehood, real motivation from manipulative agenda, 

I try and examine each subject objectively, break it down in layman’s terms to help people understand some of the most complex issues.

This is not about profit. I am not selling anything at the moment. I may ask for donations but nothing I publish is exclusive to donors. 

For now the page is a work in progress, so please have patience and bear with me as I am rebuilding the site from scratch.