I Didn’t Bother With The DNC Debate

Caitlin Johnstone did a wonderful and accurate review of exactly what the DNC “debate” was like. Which was precisely what I expected of it.

“Debate” is a highly contentious description. You could tell what it was going to be like in advance by the lineup of moderators. Each and every one of the moderators are neoliberal sycophants bowing to the corporate elite.

As far as the candidates, the only one I have any leaning toward is Tulsi Gabbard, being the only candidate who is truly anti-war. The rest are overtly or covertly corporate neoliberal puppets. Yes, I know this statement will get lots of dissent by the unwitting cult members who refuse to think straight or take off their cognitive dissonance blinders.

Here are the facts. If you think that any candidate is not a covert neoliberal illusionist while pushing certain concepts, you’re dead wrong. I’ve covered these subjects in detail before but let me go over them in brief one more time.

If a candidate is in favor of ousting Maduro, they are working in favor of the Koch Brothers and opposes Socialism or Social Democracy, as it were. When they try and convince you that Venezuela needs to accept US aid, yet fails to mention that the country needs aid because their resources have been seized by the US, that Venezuelans are dying because of US sanctions blocking medications, medical equipment and water purification equipment they are intentionally deceiving you. If they support continued sanctions, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that the election in Venezuela was monitored by observers from FORTY different countries and declared valid, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that Venezuela has received hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from Russia, China and other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they claim they are against military intervention in Venezuela, yet issue mandates to the leader of another country without stating what happens if those mandates are not met, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If a candidate claims to support election finance reform, yet has no specific policies which completely eliminate corporate money in political campaigns, they are intentionally deceiving you. For the record, eliminating Citizens United does not stop corporate money in politics. That’s a talking point which has no teeth. Corporate money in politics existed before Citizens United. Eliminating CU would be nothing more than a hollow victory with no substance and no effect. Vox did a very good article on this subject in 2018. https://www.vox.com/the-big-idea/2018/5/7/17325486/citizens-united-money-politics-dark-money-vouchers-primaries The ONLY way to remove corporate money from political campaigns would be through government funding of elections. If they are not even suggesting this solution to corporate money in politics yet talking about campaign finance reform, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are speaking about election reform, yet not talking about going to paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are talking about election reform but not addressing gerrymandering, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they speak about election integrity yet fail to mention or stand against DNC fraud and favoritism, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they try and convince you that the GOP is against election reform because the GOP blocked a bill funding paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you. Paper versus electronic ballots are determined and funded at the state level, not federal.

If they speak against military intervention and regime change yet say Maduro and Assad and the Iranian president have to go because the US says so, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they talk about peace yet support sanctions against other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. They starve human beings to death, they deny medications and medical equipment to nations, they deny water filtration equipment. There is absolutely NOTHING peaceful about sanctions. In addition, sanctions do harm to our allies, sometimes destroying entire industries in allied countries.

If ANY candidate claims to be against corporate money in politics and corporate control of our government yet campaigned for Hillary Clinton (the most corporate friendly candidate in history, who raised more corporate money that any candidate in history), they are intentionally deceiving you.

The one, single, solitary Democratic candidate who stands the smallest chance of getting my vote is Tulsi Gabbard. She is the ONLY Democrat who has stood against war, against regime change and has stood up to fraud and favoritism by the DNC, who risked a LOT in doing so. My current plans are still to vote Green Party, depending on who their candidate is. IF I change my vote because I do not agree with the GP candidate, it will be to Tulsi Gabbard. In the interim, I will donate to her campaign. Though I am hoping she changes her party to Independent.

I will continue refusing to watch the DNC “debates”, which lob softball, fawning questions at neoliberal favored candidates while firing baseless flaming accusations at anyone even appearing to be slightly left of center. I will not support corporate media profits. I will not boost DNC ratings. I will not tolerate watching something that makes me feel like my intelligence is being insulted. If you watch these shit shows, keep in mind that all the above is exactly what you are doing. You have NO right to complain when you help this situation to continue. You simply insure that it happens even more. Don’t blame someone else. It’s your fault, not mine. This is all completely apart from the fact that virtually nobody watching these staged presentations will change their mind about who they support. It is a collection of cults under the umbrella of a larger cult and every Blew No Matter Who supporter is nothing more than a neoliberal sycophant, whether they admit it to themselves or not. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Enjoy the show.

US Militarism And TDS

Some people still have some concept that I am in some way a Trump supporter or apologist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read more of my writing and that becomes very evident.

Want to attack him for his economic policies? I’m right there with you. Immigration? Yes, he is monstrous. Sexism? I’ve referred to him having “tiny hand syndrome”. Racism? Absolutely.

Where international relations are concerned I will say he is an idiot with not the faintest clue what he is doing. He is the kind of person that personifies how many people in other countries view the US. Yes, he is what they think of when they think of Americans and how they have viewed us for decades. He is bellicose, arrogant and nothing short of a bully.

In other words, he illustrates what our government really is.

On the other hand, for all his threats and boasting, he is not as militaristic as his predecessors and opponents. Note that this in no way excuses the harm done by US sanctions, which I have explained in detail numerous times.

Consider the claims and criticisms of the corporate media and the “Resistance”.

With North Korea, they described the current administration as “gangsters”, as in mafia, organized crime. Yet still Trump has not used military force against them. When he temporarily suspended war games on the Korean border, instead of being praised, he was attacked. Ask yourself why? How well does intimidation work on other countries? How well does it work on you?

When he bombed Syria, he was praised. Brian Williams talked about the “beauty of our weapons”, citing it as a quote. Ask yourself, who pulls a quote like that out of their ass? I am a veteran and had never heard that quote in my life before that. Had you? I hope to never hear it again.

That attack happened with no investigation on the ground to verify facts and evidence. The following year almost the exact same thing happened, almost to the smallest detail.

In the first case, there was no investigation ever completed on the ground. Numerous sources stated what evidence was available did not fit. In the second case it was proven by the OPCW that no chemical weapon residue was found. The closest thing found were microscopic traces of chlorine in the soil, which was likely from destroyed PVC pipes or household chemicals, considering the concentration. Guess what? If you water your yard with municipally treated water, your soil has chlorine residue.

Yet Trump did warn Syria of the coming attacks and their locations.

When Trump made threats to invade Venezuela, the corporate media and the “Resistance” were largely silent. There was absolutely no sign of opposition. In fact, they almost daily portrayed false images of the conditions in Venezuela. Where hardships and even deaths have been occurring by the thousands, they never mention that this is due to the effects of US sanctions. They do not mention that the US and UK governments have seized assets that belong to the Venezuelan government and hence Venezuelan people. That’s as if I stole everything in your bank account and then portrayed you as a bad parent for not providing for your family. US sanctions have seized shipments already paid for of medications and medical supplies, then blocked further transactions of those items. How would you like it if that happened to your family?

Since Trump has backed away from any military threats against Venezuela, how much have you been hearing of the conditions in that country? Did you think they suddenly got better? Then why aren’t you hearing about it any more?

He has met with Vladimir Putin, talked with Putin on the phone and initially tried making peaceful overtures with Russia. For which he was viciously attacked and accused of treason. BTW, treason according to the US Constitution means giving aid to an enemy, which requires a formal Congressional declaration of war. So no, the claims of treason hold no water.

Yet the “Resistance” found no reason to call it treason when Hillary, with Mueller’s “intelligence” approval, sold 20% of uranium processing to a Russian company, Uranium One. They had no desire to call it treason when Bill made hundreds of thousands giving speeches to sell investments in Uranium One while Hillary was US Secretary of State. They did not choose to hold her to account when Uranium One resulted in lost uranium shipments, bribes, coercion and threats.

The media focuses on the trade war between the US and China, reports on near-confrontations between naval vessels yet conveniently fails to mention the largest buildup in history of US forces along the Russian border, Russian maritime routes and the South China Sea. There has been no military threat against any nation by Russia or China. So, one should be asking what our forces are doing there at all. The average American will not ask that question, even if they are aware of the situation. If the media reports on it, it portrays it as aggression by other countries, yet cannot explain what aggression.

The latest in this chain of events is Iran. Notice that while there were minor grumblings about him withdrawing from the JCPOA, there was no actual outcry. Why? There was no profit to be made. Then he threatened to attack Iran after an attack on ships that did not belong to the US and were not associated to the US in any way. They were both connected to Japan. Did Japan ask for US intervention? No, they did not. On the threats, there was not a single word of dissent spoken. Then he reversed course and chose to not attack. Suddenly, the media and the “Resistance” erupted like a volcano.

This is where I will once again, for the millionth time it seems, point out that the US media is deeply in bed with the Military Industrial Complex. Corporate media hosts advertising by military contractors like Boeing, Raytheon and Northrup. Know who pays for that advertising? You do, through your taxes. They have “experts” who work for military weapons contractors telling you why we need to invade, bomb, sell weapons (at a loss to the US taxpayer) to other countries. Why every country who succeeds at trade is a military threat. Why any country with a different, more Socialist, economic model is monstrous and also a threat to US national security. How we need to engage in “humanitarian intervention”. Because that has worked out so well in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Let’s do more of that, they say.

It does not even stop with overt militarism. When Trump blocked the release of the unredacted Mueller report, he was called a fascist, a tyrant, that he was hiding something. Then he did a complete 180 degree turn and directed Barr to release the entire report and all supporting evidence to the public. What did the media and the “Resistance” have to say? That he was a tyrant, that he was putting national security at risk.

So, the ultimate question here is really, what do YOU want? Do you WANT war with Russia? China? North Korea? Venezuela? Iran? Do you WANT the Mueller findings declassified and published for all to see? Do you WANT to keep increasing military spending? Or do you simply want every single thing that Trump does to be wrong, no matter what the cost?

If you merely want everything he does to be wrong and “Resistance” means risking or the actuality of global warfare, starving and killing people in other countries, all to vindicate your hatred of him, then you must ask yourself one last question.

Who is the REAL monster here?

Attacking Iran Would Not Be A Small Issue

This past week, Trump first called for a bomb strike on Iran. Then, when that strike was allegedly imminent, he called it off.

I am very happy he called it off. That strike would have, as others have stated, unleashed hell on earth. Iran has a large and experienced military and connections to numerous countries. This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan.

I’ve pointed out on too many occasions to count the fact that most Americans are willfully ignorant of. That we are currently bombing 7 countries. This is not a new development, we have been bombing the same 7 countries for years. If you doubt me, do a web search of what countries we are bombing. The difference is that the countries we have been bombing for so long started off with military forces and capabilities far below that of Iran. In fact, in multiple cases, most notably Syria, Iran has been helping to combat the US-backed terrorist factions those countries have been contending with.

Many Americans want to claim that we have allies in the Middle East in the form of Israel and Saudi Arabia. There are a few big, big problems with that. Both of those countries buy their weapons from the US. Our weapons manufacturing capacity is at it’s limit. We have run out of bombs to drop on multiple occasions. Both of them gain the funds necessary to buy their weapons from the US. Saudi Arabia by oil sales, which Iran would block the shipment of if they were attacked. Israel is freely handed nearly $4 billion a year by the US. If we had an actual war with an actual opposing military, the US would have to stop handing out all that money. We are already responsible for over 1/3 of the global national debt and that amount keeps rising. So if they cannot buy weapons and/or we cannot produce enough weapons, any conflict with Iran would be over almost before it began. Iran produces weapons and buys weapons from Russia and China. We cannot stop that from happening. Russian and Chinese weapons manufacturing are nowhere near capacity.

For manpower and alliances in the immediate region, as I stated above, Iran has helped a number of countries in the Middle East. As those countries have been beating back terrorist groups, they have more manpower they could offer to help Iran. This is true even without leaving their own countries because US forces are in their countries or would attempt to occupy those countries in the event of conflict with Iran. All they have to do is evict our forces or turn on US forces in their countries. Not even kill anyone, just destroy our equipment and take our forces hostage. Think that can’t happen? Look at a map. Iraq and Afghanistan have been at war for nearly two decades because of American actions. Both countries have a majority that wants us gone. We have no forces in Pakistan and only a token illegal presence in Syria.

US forces are stretched to the point where we have had to send Coast Guard forces to other countries. That’s not the CG’s role. Their role is supposed to be guarding US waters. This, while we have yet to meet a maritime threat since WWII.

Trump has promoted the message that the US is a net oil exporter at this time. Note that precise wording. That we are a net oil exporter. That doesn’t mean we produce all the oil we need and more. Oil is one of our top three exports and top three imports. Now, consider that 2/3 of the world’s oil supply for export goes through the Strait of Hormuz, controlled by Iran. If they block oil transport, they bring most of the planet to a standstill. The US does not produce enough oil to meet our needs and that of other countries on a major scale. This would be even more true if major conflict erupted, meaning the military would requisition the remainder of our oil production.

That would open the door for Russia, the world’s third largest oil producer, to step in. It would also be a gain for Venezuela. Both would see massively increased oil and gas sales to other countries currently trading with Saudi Arabia, UAE and US.

Considering just how much the value of the US dollar is dependent on US and Saudi oil sales, military conflict with Iran would result in a massive decline in the value of the dollar in very short order.

Any conflict with Iran would result in the US even further threatening Russia and China, who trade with Iran. Especially China. It would at the very least offend and possibly anger the other nations that signed onto the JCPOA and have defended Iran’s compliance with that treaty, which the US has violated unilaterally. All these countries are not likely to simply accede to further threats and sanctions.

Even without military actions, US sanctions are actively resulting in loss of human lives in Iran (among other countries). Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. Sanctions also damage Iran’s trading partners economically. If you don’t understand all this and think sanctions are in any way peaceful, or that other countries go along with US sanctions without objection, do more research because it is something you do not understand.

Yes, Trump is extremely unstable. However, in this case the “Resistance” first criticized him for threatening Iran, while now criticizing him for not attacking Iran, no matter what dangers that action would result in.

Our Song

Each day our voices gain strength and sing in unison the swan song of this monstrosity we were born into. More voices are joining in that song by the hour as the veil is lifted from their eyes.

The main message we must sing is the victory song, that compromise is unacceptable, defeat is unthinkable, pragmatism is surrender. Loose all swords from their sheaths, run the battle lines, spur the horses, light the fuses and charge ahead. If we go down, we go down fighting until songs of legend are sung in our wakes and our children raise the banners in our stead, as their eyes have been opened as well. Neither shall they surrender the fight as our hearts beat within them in unison, doubling their strength.

These walls shall not stand the vibration of our unified song.

New Site Launch, Art Contest

This article is to announce the launch of the promised website intended to list protests and rallies nationwide. I had mentioned building this site not long ago. I just needed time to work on the back end functioning, which will be an ongoing project.

With this, I am asking for submission of original digital artwork to use for the banner on the website. I have a temporary banner in place, though when you see it, you’ll understand why I am seeking submissions from other people. lol! Unfortunately I cannot offer money or prizes for the winner. However, I will post the winner’s name on the main page winner announcement and permanently on the credits page. If the winner has their own web page, I will also link to their page.

This project, if successful, will wind up being the largest project of my life so far. Right now just the beginning stages are still a work in progress. Largest, not most difficult. Crap, I hope not!

The address of the new site is www.RallyAndProtest.com

Hope you join me there!

Nobody Is Trying To Turn Your Children (Or Frogs) Gay

I am a heterosexual male. I am also secure in who I am, so if someone else is LGBTQ it does not threaten my orientation or self image in any way. Over the years, I have had many friends who had other orientations than myself. I cared about them no differently than my straight friends. None of that matters because we are all human.

The literal fact of the matter is that most of the LGBTQ people I have known through my life have had more compassion for the oppressed across all racial, gender, religious and socioeconomic barriers than the average straight person. Probably because they know what oppression and judgment feel like from the other side.

Of course, this mystifies me even more when I encounter women and minorities who hold negative judgments and opinions regarding alternate sexual orientations or identities. They should have an understanding of oppression and false, unfair judgment.

The biggest factor affecting opinions about orientation is religion. Christians in this country (not all countries) are the most prevalent in number. Interesting how they tend to ignore the teachings regarding loving your neighbor, loving your enemy, treating others as you would wish to be treated and not judging others. No, just ignore all of that because it’s inconvenient to their own insecurities, prejudices and hatred. Because that’s what Jesus would do. Yes, I feel comfortable in judging their hypocrisy because I am not a religious person. I actually do treat others as I would wish to be treated, I do care about my neighbors, even if I don’t like them, even if I don’t know them. Cannot say I love my enemies but I do try and understand their perspective.

Take a step back and consider why religions teach against homosexuality. The purpose of such teachings is propagation of that religion. One religion attempting to expand the number of believers in that particular religion. Those religions also advocate teaching your own beliefs to your children from a very young age, indoctrination from birth onward. The same religions are also against abortion and birth control in modern times. This is social engineering in it’s most blatant form. It is mind control combined with actual control of your body. It is subjugating to women, who the religion basically teaches should be barefoot and pregnant. That a woman has virtually no purpose other than procreation. The more children your birth, the more “blessed” you are. Do you really think such teachings come from God? Or from the twisted minds of the interpreters of those teachings?

It is a fact that more young people are leaving churches. They may adopt other religions which are more accepting of who they are or eschew religion completely. In the process, many are becoming in their attitudes and behaviors more Christian than the Christians are. Loving their neighbors, less likely to judge, treating others as they wish to be treated. They are also more prone to Socialist ideals, such as healing the sick, helping the poor and opposing war. They are also tending to reject consumerism and materialism. Like it or not, Jesus was a Middle Eastern, dark skinned, anti-materialist Socialist. It is the ultimate in irony that to display Christian behavior, they must leave Christianity.

Some religious people bemoan that “alternative” sexual orientations and identities are becoming more common and openly displayed. They claim that children are being “taught” to be homosexual. No, this is not the case. These things have always been with us but hidden, kept secret, oppressed. Those that were “found out” were ostracized, rejected, isolated, punished harshly, killed.

What is happening today is that young people are more comfortable exploring their own personalities, choosing their paths, feeling more accepted, comfortable being who they really are. They have less fear of being judged or punished. It is easier to find caring, loving partners of the same orientation and friends who accept who they are without trying to change them.

Now, while I fully support anyone’s orientation, that does not mean I support graphic exhibitionism. That is a very different issue and is inappropriate for the general public. If you want to engage in exhibitionism, keep it in venues where consenting adults are your audience. Besides, exhibitionism is completely apart from gender identity or orientation. Straight people can be exhibitionists and probably are far more common. Think about all the nude scenes in movies, strippers, etc. Shock value does more harm than good, leading to negative and untrue stereotypes of the LGBTQ community.

Aside from that singular issue, do not try and convince me that the LGBTQ community is attempting to recruit or convert young people. You can suggest that when you see a large number of memes or statements which amount to “God hates straights”. Or when there are legal, state-approved programs to torture straight people to change their orientation. Maybe when you hear of churches evict members of their congregations because of straight orientation. Not before and not until these things become common will I listen to any of it.

Protecting “Our Way Of Life”?

In 2017, the Department of Defense released a revised mission statement which basically says the new role of the military is to preserve the American way of life. Not to defend against military threats. They were literally saying that our military is there to preserve the corporate profit system.

Think about this. Our military has not faced a single military threat in my lifetime. Not a single one. In the cases where our military has encountered an opposing military presence, it has been because of our presence in another country.

I’ve said many times that the draft is coming. Only this time, females as well as males can be drafted to combat roles. Consider the fact that we are bombing 7 countries and threatening 5 more militarily. Our direct military encounters with Russia and China become more frequent by the month and could be by the day, only we’re not allowed to hear about most encounters. Plus the fact that we are conducting aggressive cyber warfare against Russia.Though if you think we are not also conducting cyber warfare against China, you’re delusional. Plus we have combat troops in 50 of 54 African states.

Now we have the event regarding Iran, which I already wrote about and which I am guessing over 90% of Americans do not believe Iran is guilty of.

In the meantime, military recruitment has not met quota for years. The military has been involuntarily extending enlistments of more skilled positions such as fighter pilots for longer than you know. Experienced military members are growing older and ready to retire. The military has been ejecting anyone who cannot be deployed, which number in the tens of thousands. Then there is Trump’s war on transgender military members.

So, we have people leaving the military and inadequate new recruits to replace them at a time while we have active aggression against numerous countries, increased international tensions and probable invasions or attacks on multiple opponents. Though this time those countries are not weak, relatively defenseless countries with no allies. Most of the countries we are now threatening have alliances with one another.

When I think of protecting my way of life, the key part of that includes keeping my daughter safe. I really don’t GAF how old my daughter is at any point in my life and hers, she is still my daughter and I will always want her to be safe.

There is absolutely no part of me that understands or can relate to parents who are okay with sending their children to invade foreign countries for their way of life. Especially when what that means right now is preserving low cost gasoline and high profits for corporations.

What “way of life” is being protected for the general public in America today? Lack of affordable medical care, overpriced medications, low wages, struggling to make ends meet, credit card bills, student loan debt, homeless on the streets, systemic racism, being literally terrified of our own police, censorship, mass surveillance, social and political divisiveness, religious prejudice, sexism, increasing age of retirement, reduction in pensions, impending collapse of the dollar? WTF are we “defending”?

Though all the above really means that we have a de facto draft in a form already and have had for many years. Young people see these things and some will join the military to mitigate the fears they have of a future where they face these exact problems. At least in the military they have medical care, an income from which they cannot be laid off, a roof over their heads and tuition assistance. The fact that they are willing to risk PTSD, disability and death tells you exactly how truly afraid they are of the future created for them. This is excruciatingly true for young people from disadvantaged and rural areas.

These are our children, you bastards!!!!

You can talk about preserving your way of life but if that means sacrificing the future for your children and probably risking an actual war with an actual military opponent with the capability to bring that war back to our shores, you have nothing you are preserving.

It’s time to start questioning just what the hell you think we are defending. Define it. Not for me, for yourself. Really think about it.

Legalize Cannabis Already!!!

With nearly 70% (by numerous accounts) of Americans supporting legalization of marijuana, it would be hard to believe we are still having this discussion. Except for the obstruction of drug companies, alcohol companies and for-profit prison systems.

Make no mistake, all US prison systems make profits in some way. Someone is always getting paid and you are always the one paying in numerous ways. You pay for police, you pay for trials, you pay to keep people locked up because they cannot afford cash bail money, you pay for a public defender if they cannot afford a lawyer, you pay the six figure incomes of many thousands of judges. You pay when a person is convicted and imprisoned for years for non-violent drug possession charges.

You also pay by loss of your own civil rights. You pay in the form of increased social tensions, division, resentment and anger when specific minorities are accused and convicted at a rate 2.5–4 times higher than all other races.

You pay when a family must receive public assistance because the primary income earner is jailed or imprisoned for an offense less dangerous than your weekend beer binge.

You pay when children lack performance in school because they are distraught because their parent is absent from the home. More so if that parent is victimized while incarcerated with more violent offenders. Or when the parent is released, changed, unable to find adequate employment because of their prison record.

You pay when police plant evidence, point guns at non-violent, possibly innocent “suspects” and employ abusive tactics to gain a “confession”. You pay when a person is proven innocent after years in prison.

You pay for more expensive pharmaceutical medications, which are legal while less effective and carry side effects which can damage internal organs, cause addiction, cause depression and even kill.

An estimated 88,000 people a year die due to alcohol-related causes every single year in the US. In 2017, more than 70,000 people died from drug overdose (combined legal and illegal). Know how many people have ever died as a result of cannabis (marijuana) overdose or organ damage? None. Absolutely zero.

Many people complain about the cost and political expediency of paying to treat an opiate overdose, which may include not only Narcan but being placed on a mechanical ventilator in ICU. Opiates are well know to cause intestinal blockage, which can result in intestinal rupture. These things can happen with normal prescription doses. Many elderly people with acute or chronic pain are hospitalized every year with these complications. Know how many people suffer these complications due to cannabis use? None. Absolutely zero.

Opiates are known to suppress respiratory function which can worsen medical condition and outcomes for those with acute or chronic respiratory disease (asthma, COPD, cancer). Research on cannabis shows evidence of improving lung function for those with chronic respiratory disease.

Opiates and pharmaceutical antidepressants are know to cause chronic fatigue and weight gain, even when they have not taken the medication for many hours. By contrast, cannabis has been proven to reduce body fat (not advised for weight loss) and unless a person is actively relaxed due to recent use, does not cause chronic fatigue. Some users of specific strains report increased energy and creativity.

Alcohol use results in known liver damage. So does high dose or chronic acetaminophen use. Multiple research studies have shown likely liver protection from damage for cannabis users.

Numerous drugs including opiates, alcohol, anti-inflammatory medications and others have shown a correlation to increased risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Cannabis research shows promise of decreasing risk of these conditions and Alzheimer’s patients have shown increased cognition with cannabis use.

A recent corporate news report has claimed increased traffic accidents in 4 states which have legalized cannabis use at some level. However, correlation is not causation. Even the biased report could not determine a direct relation. The report also did not specify other factors involved, such as concurrent cannabis and alcohol or other drug use. The report completely bypassed the fact that there has been no corresponding increase in traffic accidents in the other 26 states that have legalized cannabis at some level. So their statistics are completely against them.

You have probably seen reports which have shown documented clinical evidence that cannabis has multiple medical uses to treat seizures, cancer (at least as an adjunct), anorexia, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, PTSD, anxiety, depression and with other possibilities arising. Though even if cannabis was not shown to have so many direct treatment possibilities, it reduces risk of complications from so many other medications that legalization makes practical sense.

We have all heard the reports of police seizing property without even the need to press criminal charges. In many cases, that property is permanently seized and never returned if a person is found in possession of even minor amounts of cannabis, as little as one joint. This is not a new thing, it has been happening in some places as far back as the 1980’s and spread across the country. If it happened to you, they could take your house, your vehicles, jewelry, weapons, everything in your bank account, savings, retirement and stock portfolio. It would then be up to you to prove you are innocent of a crime which you have not been charged with. Who gets it? The police or sheriff’s department that seizes it.

You can easily see why police, prison corporations, pharmaceutical companies and alcohol companies very actively oppose cannabis legalization. Not to mention the politicians that are in their pockets. If a substance with so many medical and recreational uses could be grown in your own yard or as a house plant, they stand to lose many billions in revenue each and every year.

While some claim that this would cause a loss of jobs, sales and tax revenue, states which have legalized cannabis have shown the opposite to be true. New jobs and businesses have been created. Colorado just passed $1 trillion in tax revenue since legalizing cannabis, which then helps improve funding for education in that state. Meanwhile they are spending billions less per year on pursuing, arresting, jailing and incarcerating non-violent drug offenders. Overdose incidents have decreased, meaning less spent treating consequences of overdose. Violent crime rates have dropped. What should be obvious is that more families are staying together, rather than being separated by incarceration.

The only rationales being used to keep cannabis illegal are repeatedly debunked myths of it being a “gateway drug”, causing brain damage, irresponsible behavior, psychosis, cancer, lung damage, etc. Not only have these things been debunked but cannabis has, as noted above, been shown to have applications preventing or treating these conditions.

The time for nationwide legalization of cannabis is now. In all states and at the federal level. Should it be unrestricted access? No, common sense should absolutely apply. Common sense does not include assigning sole rights of production to corporations. It should allow for individuals to grow at home, with limits on production without a commercial license. It should be no different than growing your own tobacco or brewing your own beer for personal use. Some would claim a license should be required, yet do not insist in a license for the tobacco or beer as I just mentioned. It is literally less innocuous than either of those.

We talk about having freedom in this country. Yet we have laws restricting growing a weed. How free is that?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

I am an independent writer with no corporate sponsors or backing. The only income I make from my writing comes from views. At least I have reached the point where it makes more than it costs me! lol! (Not by much.)My writing is done in between full time (and overtime) nursing, shared custody of my brilliant daughter and mundane existence.

I am also working on building a central website for the purpose of listing any protests or political rallies from local to national, listed by city and state. This is a massive project which will take time and money, each of which I tend to be in short supply of for the project.

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Throughout social media, those of us who support knowledge about other countries, other cultures outside the control of the American Empire, hear it constantly, “America, love it or leave it.”

This is nothing new. Activists fighting for a broader view have heard these words for generations. In 1984, Jackson Browne published a song, “For America”. Part of the lyrics are-

“As if freedom was a question of might/As if loyalty was black and white/You hear people say it all the time/My country wrong or right/I want to know what that’s got to do/With what it takes to find out what’s true/With everyone from the president on down/Trying to keep it from you”

If you’ve never heard that song (or the entire album), I highly recommend it. It widened my vision at the time it came out and remains highly relevant today, if not more so.

So, what is it that makes so many of we activists anti-American?

Is it that we do not want conflict with a nuclear power? Be realistic. Let’s say the Russiagate BS turns out to have the slightest truth to it. Is that a rationale for warfare? Or is it a rationale for election reform? Paper trails, federally funded elections, ranked choice voting, eliminating superdelegates, open primaries, open debates? That would make a lot more sense and would not risk nuclear annihilation. Nor would it cost tens of billions of dollars every single year.

Is it opposing spending billions on weapons which pose no profit for the general public? That’s not even capitalism. It’s Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the rest of us who pay for it as social programs are gutted to pay for more wars.

Is it thinking that money would be far better spent building roads and bridges or investing in low interest small business loans? Guess what? That would create far more jobs than weapons contracts and many of those jobs would be at equal or higher pay, spread across the entire country instead of a few limited locales. Plus nobody would have to die for those jobs.

Is it thinking that all Americans deserve decent medical care? Other countries do it and have far higher quality of consistent medical care, higher quality of life and longer lifespans with less consumer debt. Universal healthcare would also create many thousands of jobs and save lives while preventing crushing debt from medical bills. It would also prevent the insidious rate of closure of hospitals, currently closing at a rate of 35 a year, mostly in rural and low income areas.

Is it actually speaking the words that our economy is not stable? Our national debt is now over $22 trillion and accounts for over 1/3 of all national debt globally.That is only mentioning the national debt. Consumer debt now tops $13 trillion in the US. Corporate debt is stated to be over $9 trillion before accounting for a record rate of retail closures which will lead to manufacturing failures very soon. Student loan debt is over $1.5 trillion. All told, that is a total of $44.5 trillion in US debt. Student loan defaults are at record highs, as are vehicle loan defaults. Nothing about this is stable and none of it indicates a strong economy.

Is it pointing out that our national debt has been rising unabated for 19 years with no signs of slowing down? Teenagers just entering the job market have never seen this country out of debt in their whole lives. They cannot even imagine it.

Is it opposing all the wars we are in, even if we don’t call them wars? We are bombing 7 countries, arming countries who are bombing more countries, while we are threatening even other countries. The entire planet is at risk of warfare and the US is the epicenter of that threat. The same teenagers I mentioned have never seen this country not at war even one minute of their lives. In just the past two days we have seen a fabricated event intended to drag us into war with Iran.

Is it comparing what other countries do to what our country does? Funny, the same people calling us un-American are probably envious of their neighbors in a nonstop game of “keeping up with the Jones’s.” Ask the ones who want no comparison made as to what they think of anyone on food stamps. Yet they will likely worship the rich who steal trillions from them, from the economy, every single year.

Is it that we endorse education and awareness, rather than blind faith and willful ignorance? Those who call us anti-American are constantly torn between, “get an education” (and incur debt) and “enter a trade”, so you will always work for those with higher education and always be at risk of layoff because of stock prices. You’ve seen it happen many times.

Is it being in favor of all religions being treated equally? Or even knowing what other religions believe in before criticizing? Not many Christians know that Jesus is mentioned in the Quran in a respectful way 25 times. Or that he is respected as a teacher by Buddhists.

Is it that we simply call into question the idea that the US is the center of everything? That we point out that other countries do trade with and even talk to each other peacefully without our approval? They do so quite effectively. So much so that China is the world leading consumer market and Russia is the world’s largest grain exporter. If you listen to corporate media, you will never know these things.

Is it that we value a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body?Pro-lifers are not pro-life, they are pro-forced-birth. They do not support universal healthcare, increased wages, ending wars or oppose the death penalty. Yet they think a rapist or molester should have parental visitation or even custody rights.

None of these things make us un-American. These things make us veryAmerican. I have said before that if you do not support the rights of the people of your country, you can not claim to be a patriot. If the only rights you support are your own, you are not loyal to your country, you are loyal to yourself. The same is true if you only support those who agree with you on every opinion, share the same race, same religion, etc. You’re nothing but a narcissist who doesn’t GAF about your country. Put down that flag and stop spouting some holier-than-thou nonsense of telling others to leave the country and the people that WE are defending while you offend everything that is TRULY American.

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I wrote this for the express purpose of posting it every time I encounter someone spout the claim that I am un-American. Feel free to save it and do the same when you encounter that behavior because we will be dealing with it more and more frequently from now through the end of 2020. You can post the link directly or, failing that, copy and paste the whole thing. No attribution required because we are all going to be facing the same challenge.

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I am an independent writer with no corporate sponsors or backing. The only income I make from my writing comes from views. At least I have reached the point where it makes more than it costs me! lol! (Not by much.)My writing is done in between full time (and overtime) nursing, shared custody of my brilliant daughter and mundane existence.

I am also working on building a central website for the purpose of listing any protests or political rallies from local to national, listed by city and state. This is a massive project which will take time and money, each of which I tend to be in short supply of for the project.

Please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. I try and average at least 20 articles a month, so a $1 a month donation would come down to 5¢ per article to support independent, non-corporate writing. My Patreon page is here.

If you care to share articles with those who do not have Medium or Patreon accounts, I also post most of my articles on my own website, which has no advertising and I pay for with income from writing. My website is at https://issuesunite.com/ and all articles can be shared freely. You can always quote me, no attribution required. My goal is spreading information and awareness. The whole point is building a better, more peaceful, more equitable world for us and future generations.

Biden’s Cure For Cancer

Joe Biden says if he is elected that we will find a cure for cancer. Really?

So, before making this announcement, he began with his own sob story. I do not demean his own past tragedy but I do demean his using that loss as a political manipulation. His sob story was intended to make you feel sorry for Biden. Then he follows up with the announcement that we will find a cure for cancer if he is elected. That part was intended to make you feel empowered, like he will be a savior against something fearful.

As many have pointed out, cancer is an umbrella term. There are numerous types of cancer but the umbrella term indicates abnormal cell growth somewhere in the body. Small cell lung cancer is different from non-small cell lung cancer. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is different from non-Hodgkin’s, liver cancer is different from skin cancer and so on. Each type of cancer currently requires a different treatment method because one size does not fit all.

Still, let’s take a look at the implications of his statement.

On one hand, maybe he knows something we don’t. Maybe there is some secret cure for cancer which he knows about. In this case, that means he and others know about this cure and he will only allow that cure to be revealed if and when he is handed the title of the most powerful position in the world. So, this raises several questions. Such as, what happens if he does not win that title? Does he keep it secret? Seems so. Even if he does win, that means he will allow many thousands to suffer and die from cancer between now and next November, held hostage and literally killed so he can gain power.

The other implication is more likely. That no cure yet exists. So, what he is really saying is that he will increase funding for cancer research. Sounds noble except for one thing. Biden does not endorse universal healthcare. So he is literally saying he will hand large sums of money to drug companies. Your tax money will go to drug companies to find a cure for cancer. However, if they find a cure and then you get cancer, you will only have access to the cure that you already paid for if you have the means to give the drug companies even more money. If you do not have the means to do so, too bad so sad, you die a potentially very painful death.

Biden is doing two things with his statement-

First, he is publicly signalling to the drug companies what favors he is going to grant them and have the public fully behind those favors. The result is obvious. The drug companies will donate huge amounts to his campaign.

The other is that he is playing your emotions. First with his sob story, then to get you mindlessly cheering for something which he cannot promise. No political outcome and no amount of money can predict or insure that a cure for cancer will be found in a certain time frame or while a certain person is in office.

The fact is, if a potential cure exists in trials right this minute, those trials have to be completed before that cure will be released for public human use. There have been many “miracle” cures for different diseases over the years and many wound up causing worse problems. So if a cure were found during his time in office which is not currently in clinical trials, his term would likely be over before we could use that cure.

What Biden is doing here is despicable. Using the fear of many people to gain votes for his own selfish desire for power. He makes promises which he cannot deliver on, while refusing to endorse a universal healthcare system which would fund current cancer treatments which would save millions of lives without leading to financial distress or even bankruptcy. He is telling the drug companies he is on their side to whore himself and you out for their money.

Cancer treatment has improved so much over the years that cancer survival rates have increased by 27% in the last 25 years. Yet the cost has gone through the roof to access that treatment. We need universal healthcare so anyone that gets cancer can get treatment.

Tell Biden to screw himself.

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I am an independent writer with no corporate sponsors or backing. The only income I make from my writing comes from views. At least I have reached the point where it makes more than it costs me! lol! (Not by much.)My writing is done in between full time (and overtime) nursing, shared custody of my brilliant daughter and mundane existence.

I am also working on building a central website for the purpose of listing any protests or political rallies from local to national, listed by city and state. This is a massive project which will take time and money, each of which I tend to be in short supply of for the project.

Please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. I try and average at least 20 articles a month, so a $1 a month donation would come down to 5¢ per article to support independent, non-corporate writing. My Patreon page is here.

If you care to share articles with those who do not have Medium or Patreon accounts, I also post most of my articles on my own website, which has no advertising and I pay for with income from writing. My website is at https://issuesunite.com/ and all articles can be shared freely. You can always quote me, no attribution required. My goal is spreading information and awareness. The whole point is building a better, more peaceful, more equitable world for us and future generations.