Dishonest Polling Eliminates Gabbard From Debate, Still In The Race

I wish I could say I find it surprising that more people do not understand that Gabbard makes a valid point when she states that the polling used to eliminate her from the next debate. Her statement is completely truthful and valid.

The DNC dictates a specified list of polls which allow a candidate to qualify for debates. These polls are conducted by means which favor neoliberal/neoconservative voters. First, they are advertised in ways that attract a very specific audience, such as on specific corporate “news” outlets. Outgoing polls are conducted using means which gain responses from very few younger or less affluent voters.

One such tactic is conducting polling via land line. Other than businesses, who has a land line any more? The answer is old, wealthy, white people. I am 57 and have not had a land line for at least 16 years, other than my internet connection. I have a VOIP line but it is not used. Part of a package deal.

Of course, there is the wording in a poll. Anyone who has ever taken any kind of poll knows the wording used determines the response. “Would you prefer taking poison or being drawn and quartered?”

Polls are frequently “weighted”, meaning some methods of response have greater value than other methods. Which can lead to a desired response counting as 10 votes in favor, while less desired responses count as 1 vote.

Placement in a poll play a role as well. Names near the top tend to get more favorable responses, those near the bottom get the fewest favorable responses. This is negated if the poll places all candidates in alphabetical order.

Some polls use specific names more often than other names, leading to an obvious, easily identified bias. However, most people are subject to being influenced and will automatically lean toward the names mentioned most often and in the bias which the poll presents.

In 2016, I examined polling which showed certain candidates having a low popularity, while their attendance at rallies indicated a very high popularity. What I found was that many of the polls completely eliminated that candidate’s name. I took a cursory look at some of the polling stating a low favorability for Tulsi Gabbard and found that some of those polls did not include her name at all or far less often than other names.

You can absolutely expect that polls conducted by capitalist entities will show low response rates for candidates who oppose capitalist policies. Entities which favor war will have low positive responses for candidates who favor diplomacy. Entities that run continuous negative stories on a candidate will have very negative responses regarding that candidate.

Just because Tulsi Gabbard is not in the debate does not mean she has dropped out of the race. I personally hope she does not. If anything, the bias against her has solidified my support for her further. I wish she would reconsider running third party if she does not get the nomination. Then she would absolutely get my vote. She will in the primary, any way.

I Didn’t Bother With The DNC Debate

Caitlin Johnstone did a wonderful and accurate review of exactly what the DNC “debate” was like. Which was precisely what I expected of it.

“Debate” is a highly contentious description. You could tell what it was going to be like in advance by the lineup of moderators. Each and every one of the moderators are neoliberal sycophants bowing to the corporate elite.

As far as the candidates, the only one I have any leaning toward is Tulsi Gabbard, being the only candidate who is truly anti-war. The rest are overtly or covertly corporate neoliberal puppets. Yes, I know this statement will get lots of dissent by the unwitting cult members who refuse to think straight or take off their cognitive dissonance blinders.

Here are the facts. If you think that any candidate is not a covert neoliberal illusionist while pushing certain concepts, you’re dead wrong. I’ve covered these subjects in detail before but let me go over them in brief one more time.

If a candidate is in favor of ousting Maduro, they are working in favor of the Koch Brothers and opposes Socialism or Social Democracy, as it were. When they try and convince you that Venezuela needs to accept US aid, yet fails to mention that the country needs aid because their resources have been seized by the US, that Venezuelans are dying because of US sanctions blocking medications, medical equipment and water purification equipment they are intentionally deceiving you. If they support continued sanctions, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that the election in Venezuela was monitored by observers from FORTY different countries and declared valid, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that Venezuela has received hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from Russia, China and other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they claim they are against military intervention in Venezuela, yet issue mandates to the leader of another country without stating what happens if those mandates are not met, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If a candidate claims to support election finance reform, yet has no specific policies which completely eliminate corporate money in political campaigns, they are intentionally deceiving you. For the record, eliminating Citizens United does not stop corporate money in politics. That’s a talking point which has no teeth. Corporate money in politics existed before Citizens United. Eliminating CU would be nothing more than a hollow victory with no substance and no effect. Vox did a very good article on this subject in 2018. The ONLY way to remove corporate money from political campaigns would be through government funding of elections. If they are not even suggesting this solution to corporate money in politics yet talking about campaign finance reform, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are speaking about election reform, yet not talking about going to paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are talking about election reform but not addressing gerrymandering, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they speak about election integrity yet fail to mention or stand against DNC fraud and favoritism, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they try and convince you that the GOP is against election reform because the GOP blocked a bill funding paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you. Paper versus electronic ballots are determined and funded at the state level, not federal.

If they speak against military intervention and regime change yet say Maduro and Assad and the Iranian president have to go because the US says so, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they talk about peace yet support sanctions against other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. They starve human beings to death, they deny medications and medical equipment to nations, they deny water filtration equipment. There is absolutely NOTHING peaceful about sanctions. In addition, sanctions do harm to our allies, sometimes destroying entire industries in allied countries.

If ANY candidate claims to be against corporate money in politics and corporate control of our government yet campaigned for Hillary Clinton (the most corporate friendly candidate in history, who raised more corporate money that any candidate in history), they are intentionally deceiving you.

The one, single, solitary Democratic candidate who stands the smallest chance of getting my vote is Tulsi Gabbard. She is the ONLY Democrat who has stood against war, against regime change and has stood up to fraud and favoritism by the DNC, who risked a LOT in doing so. My current plans are still to vote Green Party, depending on who their candidate is. IF I change my vote because I do not agree with the GP candidate, it will be to Tulsi Gabbard. In the interim, I will donate to her campaign. Though I am hoping she changes her party to Independent.

I will continue refusing to watch the DNC “debates”, which lob softball, fawning questions at neoliberal favored candidates while firing baseless flaming accusations at anyone even appearing to be slightly left of center. I will not support corporate media profits. I will not boost DNC ratings. I will not tolerate watching something that makes me feel like my intelligence is being insulted. If you watch these shit shows, keep in mind that all the above is exactly what you are doing. You have NO right to complain when you help this situation to continue. You simply insure that it happens even more. Don’t blame someone else. It’s your fault, not mine. This is all completely apart from the fact that virtually nobody watching these staged presentations will change their mind about who they support. It is a collection of cults under the umbrella of a larger cult and every Blew No Matter Who supporter is nothing more than a neoliberal sycophant, whether they admit it to themselves or not. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Enjoy the show.

These Are Not Opinions, These Are Facts

Some people like to say my writing is opinion. I do not deny I have opinions which I voice but those are based on facts. Here are a few of those facts:

War is bad. I will skip the obvious that war kills innocent civilians in other countries that are no threat to us. War is profitable for the rich and expensive for the poor and middle class in numerous ways. The rich make profits from weapons sales, the rest of us subsidize those weapons sales. Weapons contractors are notorious polluters who are protected from consequences of their irresponsibility because “national security”. The vast majority of military recruiting centers are in low income neighborhoods. Look at how injured veterans are treated, how many are homeless.

Censorship is bad. I don’t care if you like Alex Jones or not. I don’t care if it is corporations doing the censoring. When corporations own nearly all media in the country, they are the government. Even Hitler understood that when you control the media, you control the narrative. That does not have to apply to an elected government. In this case we are being governed by corporations. They censor the left as well as the right. Look at how many anti-war voices they have silenced and ask what is next. Try and find a valid debate on MSM which even allows universal healthcare an equal representation.

Russiagate is bad. Russiagate, issuing mandates to other nations leaders and sanctions are not peaceful. If you think they are, let someone deny your right to buy food, increase how much you spend on items, tell stories about you with no proof and tell you what you must do. Then tell me how friendly you feel. Will you simply accommodate their demands or stand up to them? This has led to increased international tensions, including with our alleged allies, increased “defense” spending, social division and media censorship.

Lack of medical care is bad. Medical care should be a right, not a privilege. While people claim owning a gun is a right, the same people think medical care is a privilege. How do they resolve that in their minds? They think denying care decreases cost? Not when you factor in long term effects of heart attacks and strokes, blindness, kidney failure and amputations that result from chronic diabetes or high blood pressure not being controlled. It means paying more money for critical care and long term care which could have been avoided. It means people becoming disabled who were previously self sufficient, productive members of society who worked and paid taxes. Then they become medically dependent and someone must foot the bill for their care. Know who pays it? You do.

Increasing national debt is bad. Some people want to claim that national debt means nothing. I’m looking at you, MMTers. Each nation has a credit rating and currency is valued against other currencies. When a nation proves it cannot or will not pay it’s debts, that currency becomes devalued and results in runaway inflation. MMT is equivalent to borrowing real money and trying to pay your real debt with Monopoly money. Try it and see how that works for you.

Hunger is bad. Just like some think medical care is a privilege, some think food is a privilege. So let me take away your food and medical care and then you can tell me how you feel about it. Let your children go hungry for a year. We produce more than enough food to feed everyone in this country. Nobody should be hungry. Yet we waste tens of tons of food every single day for the profits of the rich. No, it has nothing to do with farmers or ranchers. They already got paid and would continue to be paid if we fed everyone.

The record stock market numbers are bad. The stock market being up is not a sign of wealth for the nation. It is a sign of income inequality. Corporations are using profits and tax breaks to false inflate stock values while paying off workers by tens of thousands. For every one share of stock you own, the rich and corporate executives own 10,000 shares. If you work for a corporation and their stock value drops, you may be laid off permanently so they can keep their money.

Income numbers are bad. No matter what the media tries to tell you about incomes and employment being up, look around you. Vehicle repossessions are up, new home sales are down, student loan defaults are at record numbers, consumer debt is beyond anything sustainable. Has your income increased? If so, at what cost and to whom? How about your neighbors? Is their income up? How many jobs do you or your friends have to work to pay your bills? If you have to work 3 jobs to stay above water, that’s not success or economic stability. Layoffs are up. Automation is eliminating jobs faster by the day.

The duopoly is bad. For over two years I have heard people talking about breaking the duopoly, understanding that we need more than two parties. They understand that the two parties have the same goals. More warfare, more profits for the rich. In full theater, the GOP wants to eliminate the ACA which results in corporate profit while the DNC wants to continue the ACA which is corporate welfare. Both parties abhor universal healthcare. Both are paid off by insurance companies and drug makers. Both parties are bribed by military contractors. More Republicans voted against the defense budget increase than Democrats did. Yet as they ramp up to 2020, those who claimed to be against the duopoly, many people are signing on to perpetuate it. “But Trump” and “name someone else who can win”. Isn’t this the exact same thing we heard in 2016? Word for word? So they want to change basically nothing but the name on the label. Support a name while the party endorses nothing of the policies they want. Keep the same parties doing the same things and keep believing like a religion. Because that has worked so well for the last 40 years.

So, tell me where these are opinions and not facts. Show me specifically where I have said anything which cannot be proven. Tell me I am wrong and you are saying the facts are wrong, even when it is in front of your face.

I’m going to keep doing what I am doing. I am not going to defend myself again. I am going to block every single person who asks me to name a cult to belong to. Who do I think can win? I’m not sure but I will stick with my conscience. Because when you surrender that, you’ve already lost yourself. Or maybe you were never there to begin with.

17 Investigations

Now that Mueller is winding down and it’s certain his report will not result in what they want, they have announced 17 more investigations regarding the information in the Mueller probe.

So this is literally 17 investigations into the Mueller investigation which looked into the FBI investigation. As a result, Mueller fired a top FBI official from his probe. The FBI official was subsequently fired from the FBI.

The FBI official then gave a speech which was widely defended in which he literally said the FBI could act with impunity in any way they choose, including to fabricate evidence. That’s really what he said, literally interpreted.

However, 17 is just the beginning. The day after midterms, the DNC said they have planned over 80 investigations on Trump.

Now the big question is, how many investigations will result from investigating the 17 investigations which are investigating the investigation that investigated an investigation.

Focus On Right Now

We keep seeing promotions of various candidates and postulations about who will be the front runner in 2020.

Who the hell cares? Few people had heard of Bernie before early 2016. Few had heard of Obama before early 2008. Few heard of GWB before early 2000 and most of us that had heard of him wished we had not. Most never heard of Bill Clinton before early 1992 unless they had been a victim of his sexual predation.

Are you seeing this trend? Are you getting my point?

Let me word it differently. Focus on 2020 in 2020!!!

This garbage of attempting to start the 2020 election a full year+ in advance is nothing but the cults vying for your servitude. Especially the attempts by the DNC. Who is going to be their chosen high priest? In the end, who gets chosen is as much up to you as the next Pope. We know this. That went beyond any question with what has been proven about the 2016 DNC nomination. The DNC nominee was chosen before the primaries ever began, then all control of the DNC was handed to their “chosen one”. Why would you think that 2020 will be any different?!!

Paying attention to the various potential candidates now is merely a distraction. Get your fucking head in the game. The key word is focus.

I don’t know how many times I have to keep repeating this. All names are cults. Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Tulsi, RNC, DNC… If you are cheering for the cult and willing to ignore the atrocities committed or promoted by that cult, you are no different from any member of any other cult. “If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested, they’re not values. They’re hobbies.”- Jon Stewart.

In 2008 people cheered for Obama, claiming he was some god of “hope and change”. How did that work out for you? In 2016, we heard claims that Hillary would win and usher in some new era of.. more of the same. She lost, of course, because she offered more of the same. In 2018 we heard all about the Resistance which turned out to be The Assistance. All they have offered is a string of investigations which will prevent them from governing for the next decade. Know who pays for all those “investigations”? YOU DO.

So, now we get a push for 2020 including neoliberal corporate whores like Biden, Harris, Warren and O’Rourke. Plus Bernie, who promoted Hillary, Russiagate and continues bowing like a slave to the DNC, never mentioning one word about election fraud.

2020 can wait.

Right this minute, we have increasing tensions with Russia, China, Mexico, South America, Iran, a stalemate with North Korea. We have the media and war machine prostitutes screaming for ongoing illegal occupation in Syria plus ongoing war in Afghanistan. Because apparently 17 years of war is not enough. Most Americans are sick of war. Is the DNC trying to end any war or armed conflict? No. One can argue that the Republicans are being more progressive on that issue than the Democrats are.

Medicare for All has been a hot topic not since 2016, as many claim. That is what was suggested by Obama in 2008 in some form, so it has been a topic for coming on 11 years. Then he turned the ACA into a corporate welfare program. However, it is a really strong issue right this minute, supported by the majority of voters across all party lines. Is either major party promoting it, trying to bring it into being? No.

Right this minute we have tens of thousands of Americans who have been given layoff notices. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands who have already been laid off or lost jobs as a direct or indirect result of corporate bankruptcies and downsizing. Is anyone trying to resolve this problem beyond shoving propaganda down your throat? No.

Right this minute we have millions of Americans unable to afford medical care or often their own medications. This limits growth in the medical field and indeed is causing closure of hospitals at a rate expected to accelerate in the next year. This is not based on need. It is based on profit margin. This has and will eliminate hundreds of thousands of healthcare jobs and impact the health of millions of Americans. Are any elected officials working to save those facilities, even knowing the long-term impact? No.

Right this minute millions of Americans are homeless. Some even work full time. This is primarily because the cost of rent has increased dramatically since 2008, thanks to equity ownership. Meanwhile, Ben Carson has been making it more difficult and more expensive for the poor to afford low income housing. Are any elected officials working to correct this? No.

Once more, as with so many of my articles, this list can go on and on and on. These are only a few examples of what is happening right this minute.

Some alleged progressives love to scream and cry about privilege. Yet if all you can focus on is trying to push some name for 2020, if you think we can wait that long to take action on the problems we face right this minute, then you are the privileged one. The sick, the homeless, the unemployed, those dying under US military attack and many, many more cannot wait until 2021 for our problems to potentially be addressed. I repeat, potentially.

STFU about Bernie.

STFU about Hillary.

STFU about Beto.

STFU about Tulsi.

STFU about Trump.

STFU about 2020.

Focus on right this minute.