Iowa Was A Massive Gift To Trump

The DNC blatant rigging of the Iowa caucus was another in a series of massive gifts to Trump in the general election.

The DNC is claiming that the app they used to calculate rankings in the Iowa caucus was due to a flaw in programming. However, that flaw did not appear until 62% of the votes had been counted, showing Sanders in the lead in the popular vote. A flaw in programming? This app should have been less complex than an over the counter pocket calculator! Definitely less complex than a high end scientific calculator, available for less than $100 at Walmart.

This was no mistake, no error in coding. To use a brand new app without extensive testing in advance and no backup system to verify calculations concurrent to the first use is something no technology expert would ever approve. Yet this is what the DNC claims they did.

Blatant caucus rigging. In 2016, Sanders had an advantage in caucus states, where he had much stronger rates of success. It was in primary, especially closed primary states where he magically had lower success rates. Same states that had problems with inadequate ballots available, broken machines, long lines, voter registration changes resulting in large numbers of provisional ballots, most of which were discarded without being counted and purging of voter rolls. As a result, the DNC has been working adamantly for four years on ways to rig caucuses in any way they can.

Sanders’ response. Before he ever released his response, I knew word for word what Sanders’ response was going to be. “I am sadly disappointed.” That’s telling ’em, Bernie! They’re shaking in their boots NOW!!! What would his response have been if this had been the GOP making the same “error”? I suspect he would have much stronger words.

This is far worse than “disappointing”. There is no reason for any reasonable person to believe that this was not fully intentional. It has been widely revealed that the company, Shadow, that developed the app has direct ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and candidate Pete Buttigieg, who just happened to be leading the delegate count in Iowa, though not the popular vote, led by Sanders.

Latest in a series of DNC machinations. Starting in 2015, the DNC has been demonstrated to have manipulated the 2016 election, with delegates pledging their votes to Clinton before the first debate ever occurred, before the first primary or caucus took place. As a response to the DNC fraud lawsuit, the DNC used the defense in federal court that they were under no obligation to offer a fair primary and could choose the nominee, “In a smoke filled back room” with no public input at all. The DNC use of superdelegates has come under extreme public scrutiny, leading the DNC to alter the rules regarding superdelegates so they cannot vote until the second round of voting in the primary. In other words, if there is a contested convention. Yet they have taken steps to insure the 2020 convention will most likely be contested. Still, it has been revealed that the DNC elite has been discussing changing those rules back and allowing superdelegates to vote in the first round of voting. They also implemented the DNC Loyalty Pledge, which states the DNC chair has the final say on who the nominee is, depending on how loyal the candidate is to the party, regardless of standing in the popular vote.

Russiagate/Ukrainegate. After more than 3 years of Russiagate beginning in mid-2016, Mueller lost in court to the Russian ad agency he himself had indicted. In the same week, immediately before his Congressional testimony, the DNC lost in federal court to Wikileaks. None of this mattered when Schiff presented his opening arguments in the impeachment trial, where Schiff resurrected Russia as a specter, sounding like he was attempting to impeach Putin rather than Trump. The literal fact of the matter is that Russia had absolutely nothing to do with the Ukraine issue. This led the GOP-majority Senate to disallow witnesses in the impeachment process, rather than allow the same false arguments to be continued for months, even years longer. Sanders could have and should have opposed Russiagate, if only after the Mueller report. Instead he helped perpetuate it even 2 weeks ago.

Drama, drama, drama. Yes, we all know Trump is extremely dramatic and childish. However, so is all of the DNC elite. On 2/4/2020, Nancy Pelosi made a dedicated show of tearing up her copy of Trump’s SOTU speech. All of Russiagate and Ukrainegate were nothing but drama. Mueller indicted the Russian ad agency for theater, believing they would have no representation in court to oppose him. Democrats turned their back on him during one SOTU address. Remember that? Is this how we want this country being run? When do we get someone to be the adult in the room?

What does all of this mean? This may help Sanders but only within the devoted Democratic voters in the primary. No matter who wins the DNC nomination, including Sanders, it is likely to cause immense harm. The only hope the Democrats were likely to have this year would have been to draw in new voters or attract voters across party lines. With all of the corruption and falsehood shown by the DNC, bringing in new voters is unlikely at best. Attracting voters across party lines simply will not happen. In fact, it seems most likely Independent voters will vote against the DNC. If that was not true before, this event cinched that deal. Voters who are not “Blue No Matter Who” will not trust the DNC, even if they dislike the GOP. Bernie has not helped by saying he will (AGAIN) endorse whomever gets the DNC nomination if he does not.

Even if we accept this as a mistake, that does not bode well for a party that is expected to be in charge of our national security. In fact it is terrifying when their emails were leaked months after the FBI offered to help secure their servers. Then THAT came after the whole drama of Hillary’s email server, which the Democrats defended ferociously and continue doing so to this day.

What the DNC has shown explicitly is that they are incompetent. Even when they are being dishonest, they are ragingly incompetent in doing so. To defend this is even more incompetent and nothing short of insane.

This was only the first primary of the year. How much worse can they make the remaining 49+?

I Didn’t Bother With The DNC Debate

Caitlin Johnstone did a wonderful and accurate review of exactly what the DNC “debate” was like. Which was precisely what I expected of it.

“Debate” is a highly contentious description. You could tell what it was going to be like in advance by the lineup of moderators. Each and every one of the moderators are neoliberal sycophants bowing to the corporate elite.

As far as the candidates, the only one I have any leaning toward is Tulsi Gabbard, being the only candidate who is truly anti-war. The rest are overtly or covertly corporate neoliberal puppets. Yes, I know this statement will get lots of dissent by the unwitting cult members who refuse to think straight or take off their cognitive dissonance blinders.

Here are the facts. If you think that any candidate is not a covert neoliberal illusionist while pushing certain concepts, you’re dead wrong. I’ve covered these subjects in detail before but let me go over them in brief one more time.

If a candidate is in favor of ousting Maduro, they are working in favor of the Koch Brothers and opposes Socialism or Social Democracy, as it were. When they try and convince you that Venezuela needs to accept US aid, yet fails to mention that the country needs aid because their resources have been seized by the US, that Venezuelans are dying because of US sanctions blocking medications, medical equipment and water purification equipment they are intentionally deceiving you. If they support continued sanctions, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that the election in Venezuela was monitored by observers from FORTY different countries and declared valid, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they fail to mention that Venezuela has received hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid from Russia, China and other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. If they claim they are against military intervention in Venezuela, yet issue mandates to the leader of another country without stating what happens if those mandates are not met, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If a candidate claims to support election finance reform, yet has no specific policies which completely eliminate corporate money in political campaigns, they are intentionally deceiving you. For the record, eliminating Citizens United does not stop corporate money in politics. That’s a talking point which has no teeth. Corporate money in politics existed before Citizens United. Eliminating CU would be nothing more than a hollow victory with no substance and no effect. Vox did a very good article on this subject in 2018. The ONLY way to remove corporate money from political campaigns would be through government funding of elections. If they are not even suggesting this solution to corporate money in politics yet talking about campaign finance reform, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are speaking about election reform, yet not talking about going to paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they are talking about election reform but not addressing gerrymandering, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they speak about election integrity yet fail to mention or stand against DNC fraud and favoritism, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they try and convince you that the GOP is against election reform because the GOP blocked a bill funding paper ballots, they are intentionally deceiving you. Paper versus electronic ballots are determined and funded at the state level, not federal.

If they speak against military intervention and regime change yet say Maduro and Assad and the Iranian president have to go because the US says so, they are intentionally deceiving you.

If they talk about peace yet support sanctions against other countries, they are intentionally deceiving you. Sanctions are acts of war. Sanctions kill. They starve human beings to death, they deny medications and medical equipment to nations, they deny water filtration equipment. There is absolutely NOTHING peaceful about sanctions. In addition, sanctions do harm to our allies, sometimes destroying entire industries in allied countries.

If ANY candidate claims to be against corporate money in politics and corporate control of our government yet campaigned for Hillary Clinton (the most corporate friendly candidate in history, who raised more corporate money that any candidate in history), they are intentionally deceiving you.

The one, single, solitary Democratic candidate who stands the smallest chance of getting my vote is Tulsi Gabbard. She is the ONLY Democrat who has stood against war, against regime change and has stood up to fraud and favoritism by the DNC, who risked a LOT in doing so. My current plans are still to vote Green Party, depending on who their candidate is. IF I change my vote because I do not agree with the GP candidate, it will be to Tulsi Gabbard. In the interim, I will donate to her campaign. Though I am hoping she changes her party to Independent.

I will continue refusing to watch the DNC “debates”, which lob softball, fawning questions at neoliberal favored candidates while firing baseless flaming accusations at anyone even appearing to be slightly left of center. I will not support corporate media profits. I will not boost DNC ratings. I will not tolerate watching something that makes me feel like my intelligence is being insulted. If you watch these shit shows, keep in mind that all the above is exactly what you are doing. You have NO right to complain when you help this situation to continue. You simply insure that it happens even more. Don’t blame someone else. It’s your fault, not mine. This is all completely apart from the fact that virtually nobody watching these staged presentations will change their mind about who they support. It is a collection of cults under the umbrella of a larger cult and every Blew No Matter Who supporter is nothing more than a neoliberal sycophant, whether they admit it to themselves or not. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Enjoy the show.